What are you winning? That I haven’t quite figured out yet. Maybe one of my favorite picture books.  If you have a favorite flannelboard that I’ve done I could make you another and send it.  Whichever you prefer!

How will you win?? WELL, Miss Meg’s Storytime is nearing it’s 15th month.  This means it’s walking, probably getting into stuff it shouldn’t, and maybe getting a bit shy around strangers.  Except for Miss Meg’s Storytime isn’t just your every day baby website and I ACTUALLY LOVE STRANGERS!

AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU STRANGERS that get email or wordpress updates every single time I post!  If I could give you all a prize I would! But, alas, I’m still (forever) paying off grad school loans and cannot do that.

BUT, I would like to give something away to my 100TH FOLLOWER.  At this very moment in time I am at 94 followers so it’s not too far away!

Are you reading this right now thinking, “hmm… I haven’t subscribed yet even though I come here often.  It’s nice here.  I could stick around”. WELL YOU ARE IN LUCK, look to your right and pop your email into that little box that says

Yay! Okay. Enough about me. Now it’s your turn :)

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  1. Meg, if I unsubscribe and then resubscribe as your 100th follower, will that count?
    ( :

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