Dig Into Reading: Gardening (Toddlers)

Dig Into Reading: Gardening (Toddlers)

This week marks the first week of summer reading program events.  Which means I will have four toddler storytimes and two all ages storytimes a week- bring it on!  This is quite the change from my one storytime weekly at my last job!

Here is my outline for my garden storytime with toddlers!

I am using the same opening song as I did with my previous group of kids, Hi,Hello.

Picture books:

what does bunny see
What Does Bunny See
By Linda Sue Park, illus by Maggie Smith
i have a garden
I Have a Garden by Bob Barner
maisy grows garden
Maisy Grows a Garden (a non-circulating pop-up book) by Lucy Cousins

The kids and adults alike loved Maisy Grows a Garden.  The pop-ups were so fun!  And the ending is my favorite, so of course I had to take a pic ;)


Songs and Fingerplays

Every week we will be singing a favorite of the toddlers- Icky, Sticky Bubble Gum
We also listened and did actions along with In My Garden by Raffi

“Dig a Little Hole” action rhyme
Dig a little hole (dig)
Plant a little seed (drop seed)
Pour a little water (pour)
Pull a little weed (pull up and throw away)
Chase a little bug (chasing motion)
Heigh-ho, there he goes! (shade eyes)
Give a little sunshine (make sun)
Grow a little rose (smell flower, eyes closed)

“Herman the Worm” action rhyme
We did the traditional Herman the worm song but he ate vegetables instead of his family members!  Before the song started we all practiced chewing our bubble gum, playing with our yo-yo’s and asking “what happened?!”

We also did a flannel activity, There’s Something in My Garden.  You can find the poem and templates here!

This summer I am doing a new Closing Song which I already love.  We will be singing Wave Goodbye which you can find in the Closing Songs tab!


We used the adorable cupcake-liner flower craft from Storytime Katie! I changed it around a bit to make it a little easier for the toddlers.  We didn’t use buttons and instead of craft sticks just drew stems and leaves with green crayons.  The kids loved it and they all turned out very adorable!  I found a variety of colorful and patterned cupcake liners at Hobby Lobby.

Flower/Garden Storytime

Thanks for reading :)

Dig Into Reading: Garden Science Corner

Dig Into Reading: Garden Science Corner

At the Verona Public Library, where I am working LTE for the summer, they have a science corner in the children’s section.  This area revolves around a theme and then incorporates books, interactive activities, posters, and iPad apps about that theme.  The theme this summer is Gardening and it has been my little baby for the past couple of weeks.  Here is a picture of the corner:

Science Corner
It’s not huge but it has a lot of fun stuff and is constantly busy!

Alright let’s get into the nitty gritty of the science corner!  One area has the light table with laminates of butterflies and little clovers and a poster behind that of insects (because insects and butterflies are in gardens!).  The laminates and light table were from a previous science corner theme, which was of course butterflies.  The poster is from DK Eyewitness (I can’t find it on their website!) and the library already had that as well.

Between the light table and the bookcase is a BIG poster of a plant and it’s roots.  One of the other librarians actually found this as they were cleaning out the storytime closet.  It is AWESOME and is a great addition to the science corner.  I may have done a little jig when they found it.


Next to that is the bookcase.  Quite simply, this one is stocked with a bunch of books about gardening and gardens– of all different kinds!  There are even some there about how to start your own garden and food that you can eat out of your garden.  I just basically went to the 635 area of our nonfiction (dewey) and picked out a bunch of books from the juvenile and picture book nonfiction sections.  I have also been keeping an eye on it to keep it stocked as kids check books out.


The next section is the kids favorite area- the iPad!  I found a few different garden apps that also had a bit of science in them and added them to the iPad.  A few that I found are in my SRP 13 pinterest board.  I also printed off a few different coloring sheets about plants and gardens and set them out with some of the “crappy” crayons that we don’t use as much in storytime anymore (they crayons really are fine though!)


The poster in the background is also in my SRP 13 board.  As kids colored their pictures I had a note hung up inviting them to write their names and hand it to a librarian to hang it up.

And now for my favorite part about the science corner: MY SEEDS!


I got Lima Bean, Pea, and Squash seeds and planted them in ziploc baggies!  This was super simple and is turning out way better than I expected.  All you need to do is wet a paper towel, stick it in the baggie, and add a couple seeds!  I also labeled the bags with the dates they were “planted” and what type of seed it is and taped it to the window.  I have been planting them each Wednesday for the past three Wednesday’s so the kids can compare the roots and seeds as they grow!  Here are some up close pictures:

science corner2 science corner1
science corner

I love how each plant has it’s own distinctive way of budding, sprouting, and different looking leaves!


Now, I cannot talk about the fabulous Science Corner without talking about why it is possible!
The Verona Public Library, and the community in general, has an awesome relationship with a local business- Epic Systems.  Epic is AMAZING in giving to the library.  The Science Corner is fully funded by Epic through a grant to encourage science.  They also recently gave a grant to promote healthy eating and lifestyle programming for the library!  Here are articles about how awesome Epic is:

Epic Delivers More 100k Community Grants

Epic Delivers Another Round of Grants



Flannel Friday: Dig Into Reading with Something in My Garden

Flannel Friday: Dig Into Reading with Something in My Garden

Next week will kick off our Summer Reading Program storytime’s (registration started last Friday) and I am feeling very prepared for the next few weeks of Dig Into Reading!  Here is my flannel activity for the theme for our first week, Gardens.

I will have four toddler storytime’s and 2 everybody storytime’s a week- bring.it.on!!!

The garden storytime outline will be up sometime next week!

There’s Something in My Garden
credit: SurLaLune


There’s something in my garden,
Now what can it be?
There’s something in my garden
That I can’t really see.
Hear its funny sound….
A BIRD is what I found!

There’s something in my garden,
Now what can it be?
There’s something in my garden,
That I can’t really see.
Hear its funny sound….
A SNAKE is what I found!

There’s something in my garden,
Now what can it be?
There’s something in my garden,
That I can’t really see.
Hear its funny sound….
A MOUSE is what I found!

For templates of the animals click HERE and HERE (or click on the images below)

20130612151014_00001    20130612151042_00002


Flannel Friday this week is hosted by
Kathryn at Fun With Friends at Storytime!

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung!

… or we can always wish, right!? In order to help us forget about the freezing temperatures I thought we could talk about sunshine, gardens and kites (oh my!) for our Spring Storytime.  Also, this past Wednesday was the first day of Spring– even though it didn’t feel like it.
Our name tags were flowers and we started our morning as we always do, by singing Hi Hello.  After that I asked the group what the signs of spring are (birds chirping, sunshine, rainy day, playing outside).

Spring Picture Books:

wake up it's spring
Wake Up, It’s Spring by Lisa Campbell Ernst
and then it's spring
And Then It’s Spring
by Julie Fogliano, Illus. by Erin E. Stead
splish splash spring
Splish, Splash, Spring
By Jan Carr, Illus. by Dorothy Donohue
my garden
My Garden
By Kevin Henkes

Songs and Fingerplays:

“Five Little Flowers”

Five Little Flowers Standing in the sun
[Hold up 5 fingers.]
See their heads nodding, Bowing one by one
[Bend fingers several times.]
Down, down, down Comes the gentle rain
[Raise hands, wiggle fingers and lower hands.]
And the 5 little flowers Lift up their heads again
[Hold up 5 fingers.]
One little flower growing just for you.
[Hold up 1 finger.]
Up came another and then there were two.
[Hold up 2 fingers.]
Two little flowers growing near a tree.
Up came another and then there were three.
[Hold up 3 fingers.]
Three little flowers growing more and more.
[Move hand up.]
Up came another and then there were four
[Hold up 4 fingers.]
Four little flowers growing side by side.
Up came another and then there were five.
[Hold up all 5 fingers]

“Bumblebee, Bumblebee”

Bumblebee, bumblebee
Landing on my nose
Bumblebee, bumblebee,
Now he’s on my toes
On my arms, on my legs,
On my elbows!
Bumblebee, bumblebee,
He lands and then he goes!

I also had a ladybug puppet so we did the same rhyme but with “ladybug, ladybug” instead


“Five Little Kites”

One little kite in the sky so blue,
Along came another, then there were two.
Two little kites flying high above me;
Along came another, then there were three.
Three little kites, just watch them soar,
Along came another, then there were four.
Four little kites, so high and alive
Along came another, then there were five.
Five little kites dancing across the sky,
What a sight to see, way up so high!


I just used the same diamond shape for each kite, glued on the crosses and numbers and then braided yarn for the string.  Very easy and looks adorable!  After we went through the rhyme we went through the colors of the kites and the numbers on the kites in English and Spanish.


Planting seeds!

spring has sprung

I just used clear cups so they could see the plants as they grow and then gave them random stickers and paper to glue onto their cups to decorate.  The kids LOVED this craft and were very excited to watch their plants grow.  One little boy asked if he could call me on the telephone when his plant grows :)

Other Picture Books:

This post is also a part of the Flannel Friday roundup!