Science Lab: Gravity & the 5 Senses

Science Lab: Gravity & the 5 Senses

Science Lab is a program I introduced last summer as part of Fizz Boom Read and decided to bring it back this summer because of it’s initial success. As a part of the the 2015 CSLP summer reading program, Every Hero Has A Story, I decided to combine the two: Superheroes and science! Science lab is advertised as an all ages program but we tend to get more school age kids in attendance (K-4th grade).

Our first week we focused on Batman & Wonder Woman and explored Gravity & the 5 senses!  The program is very low key and is more about then discovering and learning rather than me leading them through everything.  I intended for it to be self directed, with the help of parents in attendance when needed.  By the end I think the parents were having just as much fun as the kids!

I started by reading the book Gravity by Jason Chin, which is an incredibly well done and interesting book! The kids loved it.  Especially when I demonstrated gravity by dropping the books from many different levels of the room.

We then worked on gravity painting which turned out great! I set out tables with plastic tablecloths underneath them and then large cardboard pieces on teh tables and clipped on paper!  For painting we used watered down tempra paint and eye droppers.

Gravity Painting 1

Gravity Painting 2

The other part of Science Lab was testing out our senses! Wonder Woman has heightened senses so we were comparing our own senses to that of Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman Senses

I started out by having three volunteers try the apple, potato, onion trick.  Supposedly, if you hold your nose and don’t breath while eating these they all taste the same.  According to my volunteers, though, you could definitely tell when you had an onion in your mouth.  Regardless, it was a fun activity!

After the activity there were a few different stations- one to test three different senses: touch, hear, and smell.

5 Senses- Touch

At this station I had 6 balloons filled with different substances and the kids had to guess what each one was filled with.  The hardest were corn syrup and petroleum jelly– but we did get some creative responses! The balloon idea came from Momtastic.  Also, I would totally recommend actually using a funnel because I didn’t and it was a messy experience.


You can see in the back of this picture that I had some black bins… These were filled with different things they had to shake to figure out what was inside.  The insides were filled with beads, bells, and rice.

I also had two smaller bins that had cotton balls with extracts on them.  Nobody could figure out the one with vanilla, which I thought was interesting!

All in all, this program went about as smoothly as I could have hoped.  Not only did the kids have a lot of fun and learn some interesting things but parents seemed really into it as well!

Flannel Friday: 5 Senses

Flannel Friday: 5 Senses

My addition for flannel friday this week is an excerpt from my 5 Senses storytime about a month ago!

I was having trouble finding fun activities to keep the toddler’s attention so I thought of this activity that involved the entire group!


(I thought I had an actual picture of the images on the flannel board but I guess not unfortunately!)

I printed out those clipart images from and then just laminated them!  I also just printed out words that said “Touch”, “Smell”, “Hear”, “See”, “Taste” and laminated those.

I started out by showing the picture and then I would ask, “Do we touch this?”, “Do we smell this?”, etc. all the way through the five senses and put the words with the picture.  This was good for word recognition as well as understanding our five senses.

To download the full clip art images and directions click here! (it is a google drive link so hopefully it works, let me know if it doesn’t!).  Feel free to print off and use it as much as possible :) The kids thought it was really fun– especially the poo ;)

Flannel Friday this week is hosted by Lisa at Storytime With the Library Lady! Thanks Lisa :)