Skippyjon Jones

Holy Guacamole! Ay Caramba! Los Chimichangos!


It’s Skippyjon Jones- The Siamese cat who believes he is a Chihuahua! When Skippyjon’s imagination takes over he is departed to a whole new world, where he is known as El Skippito and is full of his best chihuahua friends.  These brilliant and hilarious books by Judy Schachner mix in fun Spanish words and helps kids explore other worlds like the circus, space, and dinosaurs!

I’ve been using Skippyjon Jones for my outreach storytimes and he has been a huge hit amongst these preschool aged children!  The books are a bit long though so I would avoid them for toddler’s.  There are also concept books– in board book form– that are more appropriate for the younger crowd.

The library I work at has a Skippyjon Jones backpack that kids are able to check out.  The backpack includes this costume set and I have found it to be a very popular addition to storytime.

Skippyjon Jones
(the picture links to how to buy it)


(and this picture links to a bigger version of the picture. wanna get up close and personal?)

Since doing a craft is hard when doing outreach a Skippyjon Jones activity book for the kids.  The Skippyjon website has a lot of great printable resources and I just took a bunch of these and made into a mini book. I basically just printed out a bunch of the printables in their “Downloads” section and made a bunch of copies.  I then made a front page that said “Thank you for joining Skippyjon Jones and Miss Meg” and then a last page that had all of remaining storytime dates and themes for this session. If you go to the “For Teachers” section there are a few more printables to download and some more information about the books.

The website also has nametag templates that you can kind of see in that great selfie of me up above.

Skippyjon Jones Nametag PDF 1

Skippjon Jones Nametags PDF 2

Here is an adorable Flannel Story from In the Children’s Room about the shapes Skippyjon Jones concept book.

Skippyjon Jones also has his own facebook page– which is update frequently with pictures of the original Skippyjon!  (I wasted so much time looking at the pictures of him– awwwdorable!)

And last but not least (and because it needs to be shared) here is a picture of my good friend and fellow children’s librarian, Tomissa, in her own skippyjon jones ears:

Click on the picture for Tomissa’s Blog! Or Here for her Linkedin!

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