Shapes Yoga for Pre Schoolers

Earlier this week I had my first Pre-School STEM program… but more on that later!

My favorite part about this program was my ending, which was Shapes Yoga!

I knew that the kids would need something to get them up and active after using their brains during the STEM activities and I have seen alphabet yoga but I really wanted to incorporate it into the theme for my program (which was shapes)

I used the poses on Namaste Kid and picked a few that I thought looked like shapes and then had one of my pages take pictures of me doing the poses (i’m such a great model….)

shapesyoga Miss Meg's Storytime

To download a PDF of the poses click here:

Shapes Yoga PDF

3 thoughts on “Shapes Yoga for Pre Schoolers

  1. you never cease to amaze me…Best Children’s Librarian ever!!!!!

  2. Fantastic way to practice shapes!! Am I ok to use this image with my nursery children?

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