Resolve to Rock

So I actually was kind of MIA from the library internet world for most of the holidays and new year so it wasn’t even until this week that I saw all of these amazing resolve to rock posts…And so now, better late than never, I’m adding my own goals to the pot!

Resolve to Rock! Is a challenge given to youth services librarians by Storytime Underground in 2015!

First, let me reflect on 2014 as it was a big year for me, professionally.  After grad school I moved to a very small town in NH and worked there for 8 months, through April of 2014.  And then I did something pretty scary, both for my resume and my personal life.  I changed jobs, less than a year into my first ever professional, full-time job.  It was terrifying and I was constantly filled with doubts all of April and May.  It took a lot out of me to think that maybe I messed up and I had to admit to everyone in my life that, hey, I did something wrong.  BUT- and this is for all you also new librarians out there- let me just saw here and now that not every town/library will be for you.  I was so eager to get a job I didn’t think about where I was going and what kind of environment I would be in.  For someone, I bet that library and community is perfect and they will do SO MUCH for the teens and kids there.  I just know I couldn’t, it took too much out of me- mentally and emotionally. And I’ve learned since then that is okay.

I was lucky to find an amazing job and community just a few hours away from my original spot.  I am now in CT and every day I go to work feeling energized, creative, and supported.

OKAY, now with that out of the way…How do I RESOLVE TO ROCK in 2015!?

1) Learn more things.
I know, I know, as librarians we never stop learning.  But I want to actively and consciously learn more.  My library recently purchased a ukulele. I want to be comfortable enough to use it in storytime.  I want to add more bilingual songs/rhymes/stories to storytime and other programs.  I want to learn more awesome hilarious jokes to tell the kids that come in.  I want to learn how to share my (albeit not as extensive as some of yours) early literacy expertise with parents and caregivers in a way that makes sense. I want to learn more so that I can help others to learn more! Also,
I learn SO MUCH from my fellow youth librarian’s because:

2) Outreach.
This is specific to my library, but I want to get out into the community more.  Our children’s department before me did not have a lot of outreach, especially to daycare’s in the area.  This needs to change.  It’s something that I have worked on a little but seriously, 2015 is the year to buckle down on this. This also includes being there for other community groups–such as our awesome early child development group (which, I am very very excited to say I am a part of).  Any awesome/innovative outreach ideas are welcome in the comments!!

3) Be an advocate.
A huge part of Storytime Underground (in my opinion) is advocacy.  For ourselves and for youth services as a whole.  This is awesome and has gotten me thinking about other ways I can be an advocate.  For myself,my profession, and especially for the kids and teens that are in my community.  Even though I don’t work directly with the teens at my current job I still interact with them almost daily, they know my name, and many of them respect me.  And they have two awesome librarian/staff members who are constantly advocating for them and their place in the library.  And I want to be able to support them in that.  As well as advocating for the little ones, the walkers, the talkers, and the young readers.  Advocating for their right to read, experience, play, and learn.

I also want to be an advocate for my library and libraries in general.  This past year I had the awesome chance to speak at the CT State Legislative offices to the Education and Technology Committee and even to that small group it was evident that what we were telling them they hadn’t’ heard before.  One person even said something along the lines of how they want us to be at every library.  Newsflash: stuff like what we’re doing (makerspaces, steam programs, etc) is happening at so many libraries across the state and beyond!  This should be common knowledge!!

Also, new kitten and seeing how he gets along with other kitten may have been the reason I didn’t spend a lot of time on the library internet and am now a bit late for this post. Blame the adorable, adorable kitten, I dare you.

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