PreSchool Explorers: Shapes

So now that I have fully disclosed to you all my fear of science here is my first real stem “workshop” I did for Pre-Schoolers!

The format for my pre-school explorers workshop is:

Welcome & Introduction… Explain what the theme is and the “rules”, which are to work with your pre-schooler at each station and help him or her to work through each thing at a comfortable pace.

Read a story or two that goes with the theme.

Stations!  Each station has enough materials for two preschoolers/parent to be working at a time.  I have a small service population (abt 10,000) and since this is a new program I haven’t yet had a problem with too many people and not enough materials.

At the end I bring everyone together again to thank them and ask parents for any future suggestions!


stem with  miss meg

I started with the book The Shapes Game by Sian Tucker (for the life of me I can’t find an image of this book cover online…)

I also did Shapes Yoga!

Shapes Yoga Miss Meg's Storytime

Shapes are Everywhere Book

Shapes are Everywhere Books | Miss Meg's Storytime

I took pictures of things in the library and made it into a book.  The front of the page shows the picture and, “What shape do you see?” and the back of the page has the shape. For some pictures there were multiple shapes the kids could find.\

The Why of Shapes Puzzle

The Why of Shapes | Miss Meg's Storytime

They had to match up the foam pieces with the outline shape.  Parents could also discuss the characteristics of that shape.  I had two different sheets like this.

Build a Shape

Popsicle Stick Shapes | Miss Meg's Storytime

I provided sheets with a dotted outline of the shape and the name of the shape the kids then created that shape with the popsicle sticks.

Draw a Shape

Draw a Shape | Miss Meg's Storytime

Dotted outline of shapes and laminated so they could draw the shape then erase it afterwards.

Other stations included:

Flashcards with shape and shape name (print awareness!)

Shape books for parent and child to quietly read

Take home books with different shape activity and coloring pages

Shape counting sides sheet

I also got a lot of (FREE!) printout sheets and flashcards from Teachers Pay Teachers!


See, STEM isn’t scary!

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    1. Yay! I loved this because I was able to use stuff just laying around (foam, popsicle sticks, etc.) and it did not take a super long time to set up and prepare!

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