Pirate Party

In celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day we had a Pirate Party!  This was for all ages but most kids were between 3 and 8.

First things first, I needed to be in my best pirate attire!  I found all of these clothes in our kids dress up area…don’t judge (the boots are mine!)

We started out by figuring out what our pirate names were… We used the kid friendly pirate name maker I shared last week and I made our own nametags.  There were a few fun ones including Captain Pearl, Sir Penny, and One-Eyed Sparrow! I was Miss Swashbuckler.  I also shared some fun pirate phrases and words with them.

Pirate Name Tag


Then, we enjoyed some pirate themed snacks while I read a few poems out of this awesome book:

Shiver Me Timbers



I got the labels for the drinks from Poofy Cheeks.

After reading we played Pirate Bingo!  I just downloaded the game from Babaco and used coins as the markers.  Each kid won at least one time.  They got to pick a prize out of our treasure chest which was all leftover from the summer reading program.

Next it was time to really become pirates!  We made pirate hooks, hats, and eye patches!  The eye patches and hats were made out of black foam and then decorate with foam stars, feathers, and glitter glue.  We used string to put them on.  The hooks were made with red solo cups with a hole on the bottom and tinfoil wrapped around a couple pipe cleaners. You can download a template for the hat and eye patches HERE (will direct to a google drive link).

Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Pirate Party


After they were done with their crafts it was time to play!  I had a walk the plank and a ring toss set up for them, as well as an old poster turned photo booth! The ring toss was left over from our librarian’s carnival earlier this year.






I also, of course, had out a table of pirate books for check out.

Overall, this party was a huge success!  The kids and parents alike seemed to enjoy themselves. It was also relatively easy to plan and prepare and did not cost a lot!  If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!


5 thoughts on “Pirate Party

  1. I love it! Pirate parties are always such fun. (Nice outfit, too).
    We did a similar party a few years back and the favourite game was what this website calls “Pirate Ship Attack”. The kids LOVED this game, and it was super easy to set up.


  2. This is absolutely awesome! That hook game is OFF THE HOOK! Thank you for sharing your fantastic program :D

  3. Sounds like a great party! How did you attach the hooks to the board for the ring toss? I can’t get mine to stay on. Thanks so much!

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