Pete the Cat Party!

My buttons, my buttons! We had a GREAT Pete the Cat party at the library last week.  It was well attended and every seemed to have a good time. Everyone seems to love the words and songs of Eric Litwin and the illustrations of James Dean.

I started off by reading a few Pete the Cat favorites:

Rocking in My School Shoes

white shoes

four groovy buttons

I also talked about the Pete the Cat early readers since they aren’t as popular in our library. During pretty much every book I had the kids singing along which was awesome :)

We then had “Pin the Shoes on Pete” which is something that Harper Collins has a printable version of but I wanted to make it big:

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat

Our craft were Pete hats:

Pete the Cat hat

We had a Four Groovy Buttons theme snack:

Pete the Cat Snack

I also found a few different Pete the Cat activity and coloring pages and put them together to make books for every kid to take home.

Overall it was a very great program that everyone in attendance loved :)

6 thoughts on “Pete the Cat Party!

  1. I LOVE this and am definitely going to go it at my library ASAP! Thanks for posting :)

  2. I’m so glad I came across this!! it will be great for our senior Women’s League. I must borrow it. thank you

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! Can you share any details on how to make the Pete the Cat hats? I’d love to do that for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Thanks!

    1. I don’t have a template or anything but the blue band is just construction paper cut in half…you can add more paper if you need to make it bigger! The ears are triangles, the eyes are yellow and oval shaped with black marker in between and the nose is with white construction paper. Hope this helps!

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