Miss Meg’s Storytime is One Years Old!

And what a great year it has been!

Miss Meg’s Storytime officially launched on February, 27th 2013 while I was sitting on the floor of my boyfriend’s apartment stressing about if everything looked right.  In those last two days of February I had 75 visitors and pretty much already felt famous.  I fangirled pretty hard that night when Marge from Tiny Tips For Library Fun, as well as my past professor and mentor, tweeted about my new project.

And it all went uphill from there!  Under Marge’s recommendation I joined the Flannel Friday brigade and started posting regularly and also hosting twice, in July and then again in February of this year. The day of my highest views was actually in July when I hosted Flannel Friday for my first time.

Since then I have also joined Storytime Underground as a storytime ninja, and have been featured on a couple of the “coolest things on the internet this week” posts.

A lot has changed for me in the past year, I graduated library school , had an awesome temporary summer position, and then got my first permanent library job and moved away from everything I knew in Wisconsin to explore in New Hampshire!  A couple things have stayed the same though; I still love learning about new early literacy techniques, and I still have that same boyfriend who let me stress and cry at him last February when this whole website thing was still new to me.  He even looks at my posts sometimes (well, just when I tell him to but we’re getting there).

I currently have 73 people who actually like what I have to share about storytime’s and early literacy and are subscribed to get an email everytime I post (Hello to you!) That is just so cool to me.  When I get 100 subscribers I am going to do a giveaway of some sort so tell your colleagues and friends :)

Not only have I learned a lot from other storytime and youth services bloggers but I’ve virtually met some pretty awesome people! I’m officially part of the Jbrary fan club (And they should be nearing one year pretty soon too!). Marge is still someone I look up to greatly, as well as Brooke from Reading with Red, and Sara Bryce from Bryce Don’t Play.  Those three make me miss Wisconsin and Wisconsin beer pretty regularly…  But at least I have the internet to connect with them still.  I have also gotten active on twitter and am regularly tweeting to some of my favorite YA tweeters including Jenna Goodall, Ingrid the Magpie Librarian, Anne Clark from So Tomorrow, Liz Anderson, and one of my snapchat best friends, Rachel K.  I’ve met and interacted with so many awesome children’s librarians from around the WORLD (seriously, Jbrary is in Canada. I’m so worldy) and I am so excited to meet and interact with more.  And hopefully meet some in person! I love meeting new children’s librarians so send me a tweet, drop me a comment, or tumble at me (I don’t even know what that means. But i’m on tumblr).

And, without further ado, my most popular posts from the last year:

Friendship was one of my first posts and remains the most popular!

Friendship Storytime
Apparently Pinterest just loves this craft!

The next most viewed and searched post was Caterpillars & Butterflies, and this one includes my favorite flannel activity that I have done yet!

butterfly flannel 032913093417

Third is Pets! This one is definitely not one of my favorites but apparently searching for pet storytime is pretty common, and I come up near the top when you google search it.


Let’s go to the Circus is my fourth most viewed storytime theme.  The circus craft is another one that is pinned quite often and incorporates shapes into making a clown face!

Circus Storytime

My most viewed not storytime theme post is actually pretty recent and was hard for me to right.  Partly because I struggled a lot with the issues and needed time to gather my thoughts but mostly because I really hate admitting when I’m wrong (like most people) and was embarrassed to admit that something wasn’t working in my storytime’s.  But I hope that talking about my failures and how I tried to fix them will help other people not make the same mistakes.  Things Are Not Working: how I changed my toddler storytime.

Why My Storytime Wasn't Working

 SO THANK YOU, each and every one of you, for supporting me and actually using and enjoying what I share with you!  This website and community of children’s bloggers has helped me to learn more about my passion and find others who share it and for that I am so grateful.  Thanks for sharing my stuff, using it for your own storytime’s, and letting me learn from you.