Night Storytime

Even though we have storytime in the morning I decided to use some of the new books on our shelf and have a night themed storytime!

Nighttime Picture Books

don't let the pigeon stay up late
Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late by Mo Willems
it is night
It Is Night by Phyllis Rowand (full disclosure: I found this story a clunky read aloud and kind of strange…would not recommend)
the night parade
Night Parade by Lily Roscoe, illus. by David Walker (LOVED this book and it worked well in baby storytime as well!)
sleepy little yoga
Sleepy Little Yoga by Rebecca Whitford, illus. by Martina Selway

Nighttime Songs & Rhymes

Moon Rhyme
source: Library Village

Do you want to go up with me to the moon?
[Point to friend, self, then to sky]
Let’s get in our rocket ship and blast off soon!
[Pretend to climb in ship
Faster and faster we reach to the sky.
[Jump and reach]
Isn’t it fun to be able to fly?
[Stretch arms out]
We’re on the moon, now all take a look.
[Look down]
Sit back down, and I’ll read you a book.
[All sit down]

Ten in the Bed

There were ten in a bed
And the little one said
“Roll over, roll over”
So they all rolled over
And one fell out

There were nine in a bed
and the little one said
“roll over, roll over”
so they all rolled over
and one fell out

continue counting down…
…there was one in the bed and the little one said “goodnight”

Every storytime we dance to Shake your Sillies Out by the Wiggles and Icky Sticky Bubble Gum by David Landau… this week we did that as well but added glow sticks!


Well… as this was the week after Halloween our craft was to decorate leftover pumpkins!  Not exactly night themed but they kids had fun going crazy with glitter and stickers on their pumpkins!