Monkey Storytime

I have two more storytime’s to write about from my previous job before I Dig Into Reading this summer.  The first one is Monkey Business- a wild storytime all about Oo-oo Aa-aa’s! Our nametags were –surprise!– Monkey’s!

Monkey Storytime:

Picture Books

ten naughty little monkeys
Ten Naughty Little Monkeys
by Suzzanne Williams, illus. by Suzzanne Watts
By Ed Vere
night monkey day monkey
Night Monkey, Day Monkey
By Julia Donaldson, Illus. by Lucy Richards

I also did an audiobook of Curious George Visits the Zoo and showed the book at the same time.

Rhymes, Songs, Fingerplays

My flannel friday contribution this week is a flannel activity for Teasing Mr. Alligator and can be found here!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The monkey claps, claps, claps his hands (clap hands)
The monkey claps, claps, claps his hands (clap hands)
Monkey see, monkey do
The monkey does the same as you! (point to children)
(I then let the kids pick what the monkey does… stomp feet, cover eyes, jump up and down, etc.)

Apples and Bananas

Monkey likes to eat, eat, eat
Apples and Bananas!
(and just change the sound of the vowels…)
Monkey likes to oot, oot, oot
ooples and banoonoos!


I used the monkey puppet idea from Danielle’s Place but just made my own monkey head. The kids then colored the heads in, attached them to a Popsicle stick, and picked any color pipe cleaner for the arms!

Monkey Craft