Miss Meg’s Most Pinned!

Hello! I semi-recently verified my website via Pinterest which means I get to see some really cool stats on my most repinned pins, most clicked pins, and some other stuff that I’m still learning how to decipher…

Here are my most pinned posts:

By a landslide, it seems, my Circus storytime from April 2013 is the most popular in the pinterest-sphere.
The craft, which I came up with on the fly, is what seems to be the real attractant of this post. It is an easy craft to add in shapes and was a good one for parents to do with their child.  I heard a lot of, “okay, add a square somewhere to your clown” during this craft.  It was very easy a cheap– Only needed paper plates, foam, and glue!  We also added in glitter glue because I love glitter glue.

Circus Circus2

The next few are about equal in the amount of times they are pinned and repinned:

Friendship Storytime from March 2013!  This one is actually a little bit embarrassing because it was right at the beginning of my documenting storytime’s and so the image is taken with my old phone and is not that great! Oh, well!

Friendship Storytime

Next is my recent pirate storytime!  This is one of my Flannel Friday submissions!  It is a poem I adapted from a book and the corresponding flannel activity.  It took a bit of time to make the pirate but it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself!


The kids loved talking about dinosaurs and shapes in this next post, and apparently the librarians/teachers/moms on pinterest love it as well!  For my Dinosaur Storytime I submitted a Flannel Friday post for the rhyme, “Dinosaur, Dinosaur…”


Happy Pinning!