Maker Morning: Coding


This summer one of my director’s and I are trying a new series called “Maker Morning” which is a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) based learning environment open for 2nd grade through 9th graders.  Each week has a theme and we try to have three or four activities that cater to that wide range of ages.

Our first weeks theme was programming and coding!

Maker Morning: Coding
Our interactive white board: Star Board

iPad Stations

iPad Programming and Coding

We have two iPads for public use, one in the teen section and one in the kids section.  For this program we took them out of there areas and loaded up some coding apps for a variety of ages.
These are the apps we used: (each link will bring you to the appstore and the review link will bring you to Common Sense Media)

Tynker, review
– Recommended ages 7 and up but we have a 4/5 year old who loves this app
Lightbot, review
Kodable, review
– This one was another big hit
Daisy the Dino
Hopscotch, review

Computer Programs

We just used the website for One Hour Code.  It’s Angry Birds themed so that attracted the kids.  This was definitely better for the 10+ age group as it gets pretty in depth and complicated.

Binary Code Bracelet

Binary Code Bracelets

I got this activity right from the CSLP 2014 handbook, pages 187 and 203.

We used our initials for doing the binary code because each letter was pretty long.  I told them to write it all out first so it would be easier. The finished products were all really cute and it was great for the younger kids to learn about patterns.

Binary Code Bracelets

How did it go?

For having such a variety of age ranges it went well!  The only issue was maybe finding more basic coding apps for the younger kids, but if their parents were helping them than it did seem to go more smoothly.  If you were to do this program I would recommend playing all the games and computer programs first so you are well versed in what to do. We also had each kid fill out one of these for us to display in the library, hopefully near our 3D printer and makerspace.

Coding @ Your Library

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  1. I love this program. I work in a school library and am wanting to introduce coding to all of my students. I’ve looked at some of these apps, but the coding bracelet is an awesome idea too!

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