Little Explorers Update

Since my last Little Explorers post back in March, I have had this program 4 more times! We took a break in the summer, but otherwise it’s been a monthly program and always very well attended (which means there is always a fun mess afterward to clean up). Because of a similarly named program in our area, we have changed the name to Messy Munchkins, but it is is still the same program with the same description!

Little Explorers | Miss Meg's Storytime

Here is our NEW flyer for the program!


Here are some of the new activities I have done in Little Explorer’s/Messy Munchkins that have been successful:

Dyed Sensory Noodles

Of course, we brought the spaghetti back once more since that initial time.  This one takes a lot of prep work and creates a BIG mess so it only happens once every few months… I did blog about this one in my first post but it is the biggest hit so I thought it was worth revisiting.  I got the sensory noodle recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

little-explorers-4little-explorers-5 little-explorers-6

Water Table with Kid-Safe Water Beads

I have seen A LOT of stuff on pinterest about using water beads in sensory play.  While this is probably a great idea for 1:1 and at home sensory, I knew I needed something kid safe to use… So I ended up using Tapioca Pearls and Chia seeds! I bought both on amazon.  It worked great, and I didn’t have to be constantly worrying about choking since both are edible.  **Although, I do announce, as well as have on the projector, that parents/caregivers should be watching mouths at all times**

little-explorers-14 little-explorers-1

You will need to cook the tapioca pearls ahead of time, I did mine the night before.  And then just add the chia seeds to the water about 15 minutes before the program.  Beware though– the chia seeds stick to clothes very easily!

DIY Kinetic Sand

Again, I kept seeing awesome things on pinterest with kinetic sand BUT I didn’t want to buy a ton just for it to get all over the place the first time I brought it out. Again, Growing A Jeweled Rose came through with a win!  I used their recipe for “Ghost Foam” but just had the foam out, no ghost pieces.  For this you will need baking soda and shaving cream.  I also used dollar tree cookie sheets for a little bit of containment (although that really didn’t last long).



This one was a lot of fun– and easy to clean up :)… All you need is tear-safe baby bubble bath, water, and a hand mixer!  It took a bit of prep work to make the bubbles but otherwise it was super great.  You just need to add some water to your bin, a lot of bubble bath, and use that hand mixer until it becomes SUPER bubbly!!


Rice Table

The great thing about the dyed rice table compared to the spaghetti is that it is reusable!! I have brought out the rice table three times and could probably use it a bunch more before it gets gross!  I usually add some spoons and magnetic letters to the table.

little-explorers-3 little-explorers-2 little-explorers-15

Other Activities

little-explorers-13 little-explorers-8 little-explorers-12 little-explorers-10