Let’s go to the Circus!

At storytime this week we escaped to the circus for a clown and circus storytime!  Well, at least we pretended to with some fun and imaginative books, fingerplays, and activities.  I actually forgot our opening song, Hi, Hello and was kindly interrupted and reminded as I started reading the first book that I had forgotten :)

by Lois Ehlert
where's pup
Where’s Pup?
by Dayle Ann Dodds, Illus. by Pierre Pratt
today i feel silly
Today I feel Silly & other moods that make my day
by Jamie Lee Curtis, Illus. by Laura Cornell
song of the circus
Song of the Circus
by Lois Duncan, Illus. by Meg Cundiff

Songs & Fingerplays

“Smile that Frown Away”

If you chance to meet a frown, Do not let it stay–
Quickly turn it upside down, And smile that frown away.
No one likes a frowning face, Change it for a smile–
Make the world a better place, By smiling all the while.

“I’m a Little Clown”
(To the Tune of “I’m a little teapot”)

I’m a little clown, short and fat.
Here is my tummy, (rub tummy)
Here is my hat. (touch head)
I can do a trick as you will see,
Just turn around and look at me.
(turn around, point, take a bow).

Flannelboard and Extension Activities

(sorry for poor picture quality– only had phone for pictures this week :/ )

I found this great “Tell & Draw” story from Vivian the Librarian and have never done anything like this so I thought I’d give it a try! I altered a little bit from what she had and it worked really well for me. Instead of drawing the different parts on a white board I had them prepared construction pieces and just taped them up. It would also work well as a flannel board instead of construction paper. Here is a picture of the end of the tell and draw:

“Five Funny Clowns”
The library actually had these clowns in their storytime folders and I was not able to figure out their original source for ya’ll but I thought I would share it anyways because it is cute!

(sorry for poor picture quality– only had phone for pictures this week :/ )

Five funny clowns, juggling balls galore
one tripped and fell, then there were four

four funny clowns, up on a trapeze
one jumped off, then there were three

three funny clowns blowing up balloons
one ran away, and then there were two

Two funny clowns, chewing bubble gum,
one left to get some more, then there was one

one funny clown, having lots of fun
the circus is over, now there are none

This week during craft we talked a lot about shapes and colors! I realized while going through storytime stuff of the past year that we practice our counting, alphabet, and colors a lot but not shapes as much.
For set up I cut out a bunch of foam pieces into triangles, circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles. I then had them each divided up onto plates. Before craft started the kids helped me label each plate with the appropriate shape!

We then used the shape pieces to make a clown face on a paper plate. We had some fun paper plates at the library so we used those instead of just plain white ones (although those would work great too!)


And since glitter glue is a favorite in our storytime I had some set out for them to decorate with after they added their shapes. When each kid was done with their clown they came and showed me what they made and we talked about what shapes they used. It was very successful and easy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this week. I must admit I’m terrified of clowns, so I would never share these particular flannel rhymes.

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