So as of today it has been a little over two months since I started Miss Meg’s Storytime.  I have already learned so much about website design, storytimes, and the librarian blogging community in this short time.  I have started posting for Flannel Friday and in July I plan on hosting.  I am beyond excited for the future of this website, and more importantly, my future as a librarian.

I have about only 3 storytimes left at my current job and shortly after I start a full-time LTE position at the library I did my youth services practicum at last summer.  After that I have honestly no idea what’s in store for me.  Hopefully a full-time children’s librarian somewhere in the continental U.S.! I’ve never been out of the midwest so maybe I’ll do some exploring :)

There are also only 3 weeks left of my semester.  Three weeks left of school after being in school for the past 19 years. Crazy!  I have no idea what I will do without the lingering feeling of homework, papers, registration, and classes to fill my time and mind.  That being said, I do have a lot of homework, papers, and a few classes left that need to be given my full attention for the next couple of weeks.  I am going to try and finish this semester strong.  Because of this I will be taking a bit of a hiatus from Miss Meg’s Storytime.  I really enjoy doing this website and interacting with other children’s librarian’s bloggers but right now I need to stay focused on school so I can get my MLS and really rock this library thing :)

Hopefully ya’ll don’t miss me too much!

Meg :)

Me doing a poster presentation after my practicum last summer :)


(P.S. here’s a post I was featured in recently on Hiring Librarians: Meg on Hiring Librarians!



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  1. Good luck on this part of your budding career. Stay connected!

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