Frog Storytime

Ribbit Ribbit! Today we had FROG storytime!  Frogs have been on my mind ever since I very recently learned about how frogs hibernate.

Frog Picture Books

Froggy Learns to Swim
Froggy Learns to Swim by Jonathan London, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz
the Croaky Pokey
The Croakey Pokey by Ethan Long
Big Frog Can't Fit In
Big Frog Can’t Fit In by Mo Willems
Wide Mouthed Frog
The Wide Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner, Illus. by Jonathan Lambert

Frog Songs & Rhymes
The entire time I was planning this storytime I was reminded of summer camp…I can remember going on hikes and walks while singing some of these silly froggy tunes…

Mmm Ahh Went the Frog
source: aforementioned summer camp

Mmm ahh went the little green frog one day
Mmm ahh went the little green frog
Mmm ahh went the little green frog one day
and the little green frog went Mm ahh!

BUT we all know frogs go
(clap) Na na na na na
(clap) Na na na na na
(clap) Na na na na na
We all know frogs go
(clap) Na na na na na
and they don’t go Mm Mm Ah!

Bonus! Video of me singing it…

BONUS BONUS Jbrary also sang this song!(after I already recorded myself doing this song… should’ve checked with them first!)

Two Little Frogs
adapted by me from Two Little Blackbirds

Two little froggies sitting in the lake
One named Jane, and one named Jake
Swim away Jane, swim away Jake
Come back Jane, come back Jake!

Two little froggies sitting on the bay
One named Greg, and one named May
Jump away Greg, jump away May
Come back Greg, come back May

Five Green Speckled Frogs
source: traditional

Five green and speckled frogs
Sitting on a speckled log
eating the most delicious grub, YUM YUM
one jumped into the pool
where it was nice and cool
now there are 4 green speckled frogs
Ribbit ribbit!

….and continue done until there are no frogs left
I made a story tube for this that I got from Librarian Vs. Storytime!

I printed off the frog image from My Cute Graphics!

We also always do The Goldfish Song by Laurie Berkner and Icky Sticky Bubble Gum by David Landau (the kids would probably revolt if we didn’t)

Frog Craft

This was definitely a crowd favorite! We made pop up frogs, using the template from The Craft Train!

Pop Up Frog Craft | Miss Meg's Storytime

Other Frog Storytime Ideas

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