Flannel Friday: Teeth and Germs!

I have two submissions for Flannel Friday this week, all about teeth and the germs that live in your mouth!

The first one was probably the biggest hit with the toddlers.


For this activity I started with a laminated picture of a mouth and teeth and then using a yellow marker I started to put germs on the teeth… After the teeth I asked the kids if we can get germs on our tongues, and add to the tongue, and then the gums.  After the germs were on the mouth I asked them what we can do to clean our teeth: Brush them!  I had the laminated tooth brush and glued a piece of felt to the back of it and used that to “brush” my teeth!  After I got all the germs out it was a clean mouth again!  This was a great visual for the kids to see the germs and how brushing can help get rid of them.

Five Little Germs | Miss Meg's Storytime

I got the Five Little Germs rhyme from Library Storytime’s

Five little germs went out to play,
In a child’s mouth one day,
It had so much fun inside,
Until we flossed and then one died.


No little germs are in my mouth,
Because I went and flossed them out
Now when the dentist looks inside
No little germs are left to hide.


Flannel Friday this week is hosted by Kay at Library Storytime ABC’s

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