Flannel Friday: Matching Friends

For my monthly outreach visits I always have an interactive flannel board game. For our Friendship storytime I found some clipart on www.mycutegraphics.com and turned it into a puzzle game.  I gave each child one half of the friendship puzzle and then asked each child to come up to put their piece on the felt board.

“If you have the friends with soccer balls please come put them on the board”

After they put their matching friends on the board they were invited to high five the friend who had their match (if they chose to).

Friends matching Game

Here is a PDF download of the friend pairs… I tried to get it with the puzzle template over them but when I rescanned them it looked really lossy.  Basically, just with a pencil make a puzzle on each one and cut it out, then cover it with contact paper and stick some zelcro on the back!

Thanks to Fun With Friends at Storytime for hosting Flannel Friday this week!