Flannel Friday: Los Colores

Every week I have been doing the song Los Colores with my pre-school group.  This week our theme was transportation so I decided to add a little bit to the song with the colored cars.  Previously I just had the words in Spanish on the board but I didn’t think the song was really sticking with them from week to week.  I think they responded better to the cars and I am going to continue doing it with cars (or something of every color) every week!

I learned Los Colores when I used to nanny and go to playgroup so unfortunately I don’t have a source for it.  It is set to the tune of Frère Jacques.

Los Colores

Red is Rojo
Green is Verde
Blue, Azul
Negro, Black
Yellow, Amarillo
Purple is Morado
Grey is Gris
Brown, Café.

Los Colores


To download a PDF of the cars with the Spanish colors CLICK HERE!

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  1. So cute, I’m going to use it too!

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