Flannel Friday: Ladybugs

I have two things for Flannel Friday this week and have included them both in this post!

Our theme last week was the Ladybug Award, New Hampshire’s picture book award that pre-k through 3rd graders get to vote on. To go with the ladybug award nominees I did songs and rhyme’s about ladybugs (how fitting!)

Little Ladybug

from Little Fingers that Play

Little Ladybug on the ground
Doesn’t make a sound.
Looking for her ten black dots
She lost them on the ground.

One black dot
Two black dots
Three black dots
And four.

Five black dots
Six black dots
She’s looking for some more.

Seven black dots
Eight black dots
Nine black dots
And ten.
The ladybug who lost her dots has found them all again!

Ladybug Rhyme |Miss Megs Storytime

As the numbers came up in the rhyme I added them to the ladybug!

The second was a take home!

I wanted to inform the parents about the NH ladybug award without bogging them down with more sheets of paper to get thrown away.  I figured that this little ladybug would at least make it home for the kids to play with, and maybe even a parent would get the chance to read the back! And the kids loved having something to bring home from storytime (we don’t do a craft with this age).

ladybug | Miss Meg's Storytime ladybug | miss meg's storytime

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