Flannel Friday (July 19)

Hello! I hope everyone’s summers are going swimmingly!  We only have one week left of SRP storytime’s over here (thinking about that actually makes me a bit sad).

To go with all of the submissions this week (and because I wanted to try this out!) I made a fun word cloud in the shape of a dinosaur that highlights our flannel friday posts!  I made it using this website: http://www.tagxedo.comwordle


The flannel friday posts this week were great, and without further ado:

My submission this week was adapted from previous flannel friday submissions!  Dinosaur, Dinosaur helps toddlers learn their shapes.

Anne over at So Tomorrow is sharing her puppet show based on the new book Lazy Daisy, Cranky Frankie.

Miss Tara at Storytime with Miss Tara and Friends shared her storytime outline about Elephants that included an adorable flannel board interpretation of the book I Dream of an Elephant.

Piper was a bit quiet this week but Jane at Piper Loves the Library shared TWO fun activities this week!  The first is a fun craft using a magical photocopier (I am pretty sure that’s the only explanation) and a guessing game flannel activity!  The second is a minion debut from the Despicable Me minions!

Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime has been influenced by recent flannel friday submissions to make her own tools and toolbox into a fun game for older and younger kids alike!

Monica at Ram Sam Storytime came out of her bajillion year hiatus to share her buggy storytime (which is very appropriate for this summer in the midwest!).  Her flannel submission is based on the book Ten Flashing Fireflies.

Katie at Billingual Children’s Programming is giving away (!!!) her food themed flannel set for the bilingual story Picky Paul.

Lisa at Thrive after Three took some time out of summer madness to share her flannel board set, which is another food themed one! The beautiful fruits and vegetables go with the book Lunch and teaches colors (and also includes a video how-to!)

We are in a baseball type of mood over at Mrs. Andre’s Library for her baseball flannels to go along with the song Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Another bug themed flannel board!  Lisa at Libraryland shared her Bug in a Rug rhyme and flannelboard that also helped the kiddos get their wiggle’s out.

Katie at Storytime Secrets made a fun and educational literacy game for her beginning reader group.  This Silly Sentence Sort game helps the kids build sentences using shirts, shorts, and socks!

Anna at Future Librarian Superhero made a very beautiful flannelboard for the song Ten Little Babies.  The babies were influenced by the art of Karen Katz (and turned out adorable!)

and last but certainly not least is a submission from Elizabeth at Artistic Literacy!  She made counting windows to be used over and over again for any counting flannel activity.  She also includes a template to make your own.

Whew!  Thank you all for your submissions!  I had a ton of fun hosting this week and seeing everyone’s beautiful and creative submissions!  The flannel friday community is definitely helping me grow in my new career path :)


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  1. Awesome job on your first roundup!! Love the Wordle.

  2. Your word cloud is awesome!! Thanks for the round up and for making it so visually fun to read.

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