Flannel Friday: Dig Into Reading with Pirates– ARR!

This is a poem and corresponding flannel activity that I adapted from a poem in the book Shiver Me Timbers.

I said the poem and dressed the pirate as I went along.  Here is what I started with:


And then at the end of the poem our pirate looked like this:


It took a bit of time, but it was really fun and the kids enjoyed it.  Here is the poem to go with the activity:

Pirates wear patches (add patch)
and on their hands, hooks. (add hook)
Pirates love to mismatch
and give dirty looks

Pirates were white shirts (add shirt)
with big puffy sleeves.
Pirates are scoundrels,
and rascals, and thieves!

Pirates wear black hats (add hat)
with skull and cross bones.
Pirates yell, “Avast”! (add word)
and, “Ahoy! Thar she blows!” (add word)

Pirates have long hair
they decorate with beads.
Pirates aren’t rareWhen you’re sailing the seas!

Pirates have a pet bird (add bird)
and tie the best knots.
Pirates are quite absurd,
X marks the spot! (add X)


Here are the templates for the pieces, not including the hair. For the I just braided brown felt and included beads in randomly!



To download the templates just click on the pictures above!

Flannel Friday this week is hosted by Mrs. Andre’s Library

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  1. This is great! I’m going to make one for my next pirate theme.

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