Flannel Friday: 5 Senses

My addition for flannel friday this week is an excerpt from my 5 Senses storytime about a month ago!

I was having trouble finding fun activities to keep the toddler’s attention so I thought of this activity that involved the entire group!


(I thought I had an actual picture of the images on the flannel board but I guess not unfortunately!)

I printed out those clipart images from openclipart.org and then just laminated them!  I also just printed out words that said “Touch”, “Smell”, “Hear”, “See”, “Taste” and laminated those.

I started out by showing the picture and then I would ask, “Do we touch this?”, “Do we smell this?”, etc. all the way through the five senses and put the words with the picture.  This was good for word recognition as well as understanding our five senses.

To download the full clip art images and directions click here! (it is a google drive link so hopefully it works, let me know if it doesn’t!).  Feel free to print off and use it as much as possible :) The kids thought it was really fun– especially the poo ;)

Flannel Friday this week is hosted by Lisa at Storytime With the Library Lady! Thanks Lisa :)