Elephant Storytime

I just got Laurie Berkner’s We Are the Dinoaurs stuck in my head but instead it would go like WE ARE THE ELEPHANTS TROMPING TROMPING.

Anyways, Elephant Storytime!

We started out by practicing our elephant skills, including stomping, pretending to be huge, and of course using our trunks. After this we sang the opening song, Rickety Tickety.

Elephant Picture Books

A Big Guy Took My Ball
Big Guy Took My Ball by Mo Willems
Hide & Seek
Hide & Seek by Il Sung Na

Elmer and the Rainbow
Elmer and the Rainbow by David McKee
Nancy Knows
Nancy Knows by Cybele Young

(Didn’t actually read Elmer this week because we were running out of time and they were a little bit wiggly!)

Other Elephant Things

I just want to make a shoutout to Jen in the Library here. I planned this the morning before storytime and pretty much just used everything she did, with the exception of the books. I LOVE MY FELLOW LIBRARIANS.

I did use the rhyme with the elephants in the bathtub but did not have enough time to make the flannels that accompany it so I just printed some clip art ones out instead!

Elephants in the Bath Tub

You can download these adorable little elephants and their bathtub here! (PDF file)
All of the clipart was found on www.openclipart.org

Our craft, because I planned this last minute, was an elephant coloring sheet and an elephant connect the dots!

Other Elephant Storytime Ideas

As already mentioned, Jen in the Library
Storytime Katie- Elephants!
Falling Flannelboards- Storytime: Elephants!
Miss Sarah’s Storytime- Just  One Elephant
That’s So Juvenile- Elephant Storytime
Miss Mary Liberry- An elephant goes like this and that…: Big, Grey Animals Storytime


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Meg! I’ve used your blog more times than I can count for some great storytime ideas. Yay librarian-idea-sharing!

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