Early Literacy Scavenger Hunt: Rainbow

Every six weeks or so I change our scavenger hunt.  Lately I’ve been trying to do more out of the box things instead of just looking for a picture and crossing it off a list.  Those are great sometimes and the kids love them but I wanted to incorporate more early literacy.

Our newest scavenger hunt is bilingual (English/Spanish) and helps us to learn and identify colors!

Early Literacy Scavenger Hunt
**the typo in the spanish translation has been fixed in the downloads but had not yet when I took the picture **


The idea is that the kids have to find something for every color in the rainbow and then draw a picture of it or write it in the circle of the corresponding color.

I have all of the downloads available for you to do it at your own library!  The PDF is here and is recommended because the fonts and formatting will all stay the same.  If you need an editable version you can use the Google drive link here.

2 thoughts on “Early Literacy Scavenger Hunt: Rainbow

  1. Hi Meg! Thanks for sharing this activity! It’s a great twist on the hide and seek/scavenger hunts a lot of libraries put up in the kids’ area, and I love that it scales up and down for different ages. I don’t have a lot of display space at my library, but this is definitely something we can put out for a fun activity (bonus for keeping stir crazy kids engaged and not running amok in the library)!

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