Dig Into Reading: Dinosaur Storytime for Toddlers

RAWR!  I LOVED storytime this week. Seriously, probably my favorite day of storytime so far.  I had so many concepts to practice with the kids, and not to mention rawr-ing like we’ve never rawr-ed before!


This weeks literacy tip was: “When talking to your new speaker, use the correct pronunciation of the word, not the way the imitate the word”

The kids came into the story room greeted by some dinosaur footprints:

dino prints dino prints

I encouraged the kids to talk about the colors with their parents/caregivers after storytime, and a few were doing it as they were walking in as well!  I also had the same colors hanging up by me and we went over them together.

Our signs this week were Big, Little, and Dinosaur.

Rawr-iffic Dino Picture Books:

dino vs library
Dinosaur Vs. the Library!
By Bob Shea (we had so much fun rawring, and the kids loved trying to rawr louder than my peeps, moos, and shy turtle noises)
5 little dino
Five Little Dinosaurs
By Will Grace, Illus. by Ed Vere Hodgkinson
Flapdoodle Dionsaurs by David A. Carter
(I just read the name of the dinosaur and what color, I did not read the entire poem for each dino)

Simply Terrifying (but not really) Dinosaur songs and rhymes!

Dino Ditty
(sung to “Doo Wah Ditty”)

Here he comes just a stomping with his feet singing
“Dino ditty, ditty dum, ditty do.” Kids sang this part with me
Searching all round for something good to eat singing,
“Dino ditty, ditty dum ditty do.”
He’s huge, (He’s huge), He’s strong, (He’s strong.)
He’s huge, he’s strong, won’t be hungry very long.
“Dino ditty, ditty dum , ditty do.”
“Dino ditty, ditty dum, ditty do.”

Seriously this song was so much fun and it is guaranteed to crack up the adults in the room!

BIG Dino LITTLE Dino (with our signs)
I adapted this popular dinosaur rhyme to fit with our signs and it worked out very well!

BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, turn around
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, touch the ground
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, reach up high
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, wink one eye
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, touch your nose
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, touch your toes
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, slap your knees
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, sit down please

We also sang We Are the Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner and the kids really enjoyed that song.

GRRReat Extension Activity

I adapted this from Thrive After Three
and will be talking about it more in a Flannel Friday post later this week!

Dinosaur Craft

(sorry this is getting to be such a long post, but it’s so much fun!)

D is for Dinosaur

I had D’s cut out and they glued them on and then they drew a dinosaur!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving dinosaurs as much as I do (I mean with SO MANY great things to do with them, how could you not!?)

Miss Meg