Dig Into Reading: Seed Art

This summer we have an open art craft studio one afternoon a week.  Kids all ages have the opportunity to drop into the library to work on a project for a two hours.  The craft project for the first week was seed art.  We had two project available:

Mandala Color-by-Seed (name not official, nor does it easily roll off the tongue)

mandala seed art

For this, we printed off three designs of Mandala’s onto square (8×8)cardstock and then assigned colors to the different sections of the mandala’s.  There were also some that didn’t have any colors assigned so kids were able to just do it however they wanted.  We also supplied elmer’s glue and craft sticks to glue the seeds on.

In order to get the colored seeds we dyed pumpkin seeds.  We accidentally bought the pepita’s instead of shelled pumpkin seeds so the dying process was a little more difficult than it should have been.  If you plan on doing this make sure you buy shelled and unsalted pumpkin seeds! Anyways, other than that, dying wasn’t too difficult.  Mix together warm water and a splash of white vinegar with the food coloring.  Don’t go easy on the food coloring, the more you use the more vibrant the seeds! It took awhile (couple of days) for the seeds to dry completely, so make sure you spread them out to avoid any mold.


mandala seed art

Clay Paperweight

seed art

This one was a bit more simple, for the younger crowd.  We purchased white and colored Colorations air dry putty.  We had a variety of seeds and beans for the kids to use to make designs.  Some ended up using the seeds form this one for their mandala’s as well.

seed art

The whole thing ended up to be a huge success! I’m not sure if the parents had more fun helping their kids or if the kids had the more fun making their seed art.  I would definitely recommend it for ages 4-99 ;)

seed artIMG_1508IMG_1517IMG_1524