CHILIS: Weather

Stem in Storytime:
Pre-School Storytime
CHILIS March 6, 2014

Books to Share:

Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld
It’s Raining, It’s Pouring by Kin Eagle
Sun, Snow, Stars, Sky by Catherine and Laurence Anhold
On Earth by G. Brian Karas

Rhymes & Songs:

It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More

It ain’t gonna rain no more, no more
It ain’t gonna rain no more
Oh no, it’s up to my toe
But it ain’t gonna rain more.

Oh gee, it’s up to my knee
Oh my, it’s up to my thigh
Oh fiddle, it’s up to my middle
Oh heck, it’s up to my neck
Oh dread, it’s up to my head, I’m just going to swim on home.

Weather song
[tune: Clementine]
source: Perpetual PreSchool

What’s the weather? What’s the weather? What’s the weather like today?
Is it foggy, partly cloudy, is it raining or is there snow.
Is it windy, is it cloudy or is there sun shine today.
What’s the weather? What’s the weather? what’s the weather like today?

source: Perpetual PreSchool

I put on my raincoat. (pretend to put on coat)
I put on my hat. (put on hat)
I put up my umbrella, (fingertips touching over head)
Just like that! Umbrellas go up, (point up)
Umbrellas go down, (point down)
When the rain clouds are dark, All over town.
One raindrop and two, (hold fingers up, one at a time)
Two raindrops and three,
My up and down umbrella, (move up and down)
Is up over me. (fingertips on top of head)
Four raindrops and five, Six raindrops and seven,
Raindrops are tumbling down from heaven. (raise arms and let fingers fall slowly)
Drip, drop, drip! I am dry as can be,
My up and down umbrella, (move up and down)
Is up over me. (fingers touching over head)


Weather Chart on a paper plate

weather chart

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