CHILIS: 5 Senses Storytime

Stem in Storytime:
5 Senses & My Body Toddler Storytime
CHILIS March 6, 2014

Books to Share:

My Five Senses-A Lions Tale by Judy Nayer, big book
Five for a Little One by Chris Raschke
Senses by Aliki
You Can’t See Your Bones with Binoculars by Harriet Ziefert

Me showing "Lions Tale" at the CHILIS conference
Me showing “Lions Tale” at the CHILIS conference

Rhymes and Songs:

Splendid Senses
[tune: The Bear Went Over the Mountain
My (eyes) are made for (seeing).
My (eyes) are made for (seeing).
My (eyes) are made for (seeing).
So I can (see) my world.

Continue with the following: ears…hearing, nose…smelling,
mouth…tasting, hands…touching

Touch Your Nose
(modified from CSLP pg. 151)

touch your nose, touch your chin

that’s the way this game begins

 touch your eyes, touch your knees,

now everyone FREEZE!

 Touch your hair, touch one ear,

clap your hands right here

 touch your elbows, where they bend

that’s the way this touch game ends

 Five Senses
(tune: Where is Thumbkin)

Five senses, five senses
We have them. We have them.
Seeing, hearing, touching,
Tasting and smelling.
There are five, there are five.

Flannel Story:

Sam’s body parts in both English and Spanish

Sam’s Body Parts, Sam Template

Body Parts in English and Spanish

Sam's Body Parts in English and Spanish


Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head Craft | Body Parts Storytime

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