Flannel Friday – Purple Little Bird (guest post)

Flannel Friday – Purple Little Bird (guest post)

guest post finalYay! Flannel Friday is FOUR YEARS OLD!  This means that storytime bloggers have been paired up with other’s who may not have a blog and want to share their flannel friday creations!

Today, Miss Meg’s Storytime is hosting a post from Laura Chipman!  


I absolutely love Purple Little Bird by Greg Foley and thought that it would make a great flannelboard. I drew the characters freehand, cut them out of felt, and added details with puffy fabric paint.

While I have done the whole book as a flannelboard story, I have also used just the parts I wanted. This one was part of a “Whose House Is It?” storytime. I read Purple Little Bird by Greg Foley, Flora’s Surprise by Debi Gliori, Too Tall Houses by Gianna Marino, and Duck at the Door by Jackie Urbanovic.


For the flannelboard I put up the felt pieces for the cave, the mountain, the desert, the pond, and the tree.

Homes - Camel

“I bet the camel lives in the tree.” I got a resounding, “No!”

Homes - Goat

“I know. The goat lives in the pond!”

Homes - Possum

“Maybe the possum lives in the cave.” The kids really loved it. I mixed them up a few times before they helped me put the animals in the right places.

Homes - Correct

“There we go. Everybody is back in their favorite home. Thank you for helping me!”

Thank you to Miss Meg for allowing me to do a guest post on her blog. I enjoyed being a part of

Flannel Friday!

Miss Laura

Thanks to Mollie at What Happens in Storytime for hosting Flannel Friday this week!

-Miss Meg

Flannel Friday- Cupcakes

Flannel Friday- Cupcakes

I did this rhyme in party storytime last week.

I made up my own rhyme loosely based off of What is Bridget Reading and her Flannel Friday submission last August.

Cupcake rhyme | Miss Meg's Storytime

Cupcakes are delicious
don’t you agree!?
Number 1 is made with blueberries
for you and me!

…Number 2 is made with banana
…Number 3 is made with grapes
…Number 4 is made with cherries
…Number 5 is made with watermelon


I was just working with whatever color felt I had but you could easily change the food that the cupcake is made with to anything else!  Even something silly like “Number 1 is made with rain boots!”

For my template & rhyme click the link below :)

Cupcake Template | Miss Meg's storytime

Flannel Friday this week is hosted by Linda at Notes from the Storyroom!

Flannel Friday: Knock Knock Baby Duck

Flannel Friday: Knock Knock Baby Duck

Whew, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a flannel friday!  It feels good to be back :)

My favorite flannel activities are when you hide something and the kids guess where it is.  I have done something like this with caterpillars and butterflies and plan on incorporating something similar for my baby storytimes, similar to the style of Brooke at Reading with Read.

I used this flannel game in both my baby and preschool storytime’s this week and it was a hit with both!  The babies/toddlers especially loved playing the eggs after storytime :)
This particular one was inspired by Mel’s Desk: Where’s Baby Duckling?

Knock Knock Baby Duck rhyme/game

 Knock, knock, knock
Baby duck, baby duck
are you behind the ORANGE egg?

continue with each color egg until you find the duck…

Knock Knock Baby Duck rhyme/game

To find a template of the egg and duck click the picture below (picture will link to a google drive file)!

 knock knock duck

Flannel Friday this week is hosted by my favorite Canadian Librarians (one of which just recently sent me the coolest tinkerbell buttons the in the real mail)


Flannel Friday: Pin the Shoes on Pete

Flannel Friday: Pin the Shoes on Pete

I made a really big and really awesome Pete the Cat for my Pete the Cat party at the library last week!

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat is actually quite easy to make…all you need is a big piece of blue felt, some yellow, and some white!

Pete the Cat

I then made a bunch of different shoes in each color from “Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes” and let the kids pick which one they wanted to use (which explains the sole brown shoe up there).  I blindfolded the child, spun them around once, and helped them to find the board before they “pinned” their shoes on.

Pete the Cat

(bonus: a picture of Miss Meg’s blue shoes…and mismatched socks)
Coincidentally, I had “socks and shoes” storytime this week so I used Pete and his shoes again.  This time I just recited the book (it’s an easy one to remember) and put the correct shoes on for each part.

Flannel Friday this week is hosted by the amazing Brooke from Reading with Red!

Flannel Friday: Teeth and Germs!

Flannel Friday: Teeth and Germs!

I have two submissions for Flannel Friday this week, all about teeth and the germs that live in your mouth!

The first one was probably the biggest hit with the toddlers.


For this activity I started with a laminated picture of a mouth and teeth and then using a yellow marker I started to put germs on the teeth… After the teeth I asked the kids if we can get germs on our tongues, and add to the tongue, and then the gums.  After the germs were on the mouth I asked them what we can do to clean our teeth: Brush them!  I had the laminated tooth brush and glued a piece of felt to the back of it and used that to “brush” my teeth!  After I got all the germs out it was a clean mouth again!  This was a great visual for the kids to see the germs and how brushing can help get rid of them.

Five Little Germs | Miss Meg's Storytime

I got the Five Little Germs rhyme from Library Storytime’s

Five little germs went out to play,
In a child’s mouth one day,
It had so much fun inside,
Until we flossed and then one died.


No little germs are in my mouth,
Because I went and flossed them out
Now when the dentist looks inside
No little germs are left to hide.


Flannel Friday this week is hosted by Kay at Library Storytime ABC’s

Flannel Friday- February 14!

Flannel Friday- February 14!

Hello Flannel Friday friends!  So many great submissions this week… So much so that my perfect kitten can’t stop trying to swat at my laptop :)

And to keep with the theme of the last time I hosted Flannel Friday I made another word cloud…


Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime made a Circus themes file folder guessing game.  Kathryn is using this activity for 2-5 year olds so it’ll be great in either your toddler or preschool storytimes.  I’ve never tried something like this before but next time I do a circus theme it is definitely on my to-do list!

Next we have Lisa over at Libraryland with a flannelboard to Go Away, Big Green Monster. This adorably scary monster is part of an early literacy program and will find a home in the Activity Room of Lisa’s library.

Christine at Felt Board Ideas gives us two great ideas for the classic and ear-wormy* and fantastic song Five Green Speckled Frogs! *seriously it’s been stuck in my head for two days now!

A new-to-me and incredibly adorable blog this week is Mrs. Todd at A Librarian Less Ordinary!  Mrs. Todd is incorporating PLAY in her storytime with a cars and trucks road, complete with signs!

Shawn at Read, Rhyme, and Sing (another new-to-me blog!) shared a Valentine’s Day Love Bug that you will definitely have to remember for Valentine’s Day next year!

Anne from Itsy Bitsy Mom shared her Smitten Smatching (say that five times fast!) interactive flannelboard!  I love the fun designs and colors on these mittens and socks!

Katie at Storytime Secrets adapted the poem Good Morning by Muriel Sipe for her Flannel Friday submission this week. Katie gives a couple different options for your own flannelboard as well as a pdf of her images!

Over at What is Bridget Reading? We have a great What’s in an Egg flannelboard that saves you time and allows you to pull animals from sets you may already have!

This week Katie at Storytime Katie is sharing with us one of her first flannelboards!  These Five Little Ducks and their momma are so adorable (and way better than my first flannels!) Thanks Katie!

Catch the Possibilities is hosting her own guest post for Karen Hiebert (who you’ll probably recognize from the Flannel Friday FB page!) Karen has TWO great Valentine’s Day ideas that you will have to add to your list for next year!

Anne at So Tomorrow also has a Valentine’s Day idea for us!  Anne gives us 5 different colored hearts and three different ways to use them in storytime.  Awesome for helping to keep things fresh in your storytime’s!

And last but not least we have my own Flannel Friday submission for this week!  I made a flannelboard of Eric Carle’s The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse.

Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions!  If any of the links are wrong please let me know in the comments or FB so I can fix them!!

Flannel Friday: The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

Flannel Friday: The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

For my Eric Carle storytime last week I made a flannel story to The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse!

Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

The Story:

I am an artist and I can paint a Blue Horse…
And a Red Crocodile…
And a Yellow Cow…
And a Pink Rabbit…
And a Green Lion…
And an Orange Fox..
And a Purple Elephant…
And a Black Polar Bear…
And a Polka-Dotted Donkey!
Am I a good artist? (and hopefully the kids say yes…)

In the original story it’s actually a purple fox and orange elephant but I somehow mixed it up when making my flannels. I also had our storytime friend Harold the Pig puppet be the artist! Before I said the animal I showed them the flannel piece and asked what color and what animal it was.

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse | Miss Meg's Storytime

My two favorite animals:

donkey elephant

(Full disclosure: The donkey was made by one of my pages…)

Flannel Friday this week is hosted by yours truly!