Baby Storytime: Or, how I used twitter and my awesome internet librarian friends to get me out of a massive panic

I recently started a brand spankin’ new job as the head of a children’s department with a staff of me (full time) and three other part time people. In this position I will be doing all of the storytimes, and as it stands right now that includes one storytime a week for ages 0-35 months and one storytime a week for pre-school. I started my new job on a Monday and then had my FIRST EVER baby storytime on Tuesday. I wasn’t totally in the dark as I used to nanny and we’d go to baby storytime every week so I’ve seen them a few times and I’ve planned a few for my previous job (but no one came). BUT it was still nerve wrecking actually going about it and knowing there will be babies there.

So I went to all of my internet librarian friends on twitter and they were amazing:


The girls at @jbrary are amazing and perfect and sent me a short novel of pointers:

‏@Jbrary: @theemegnificent Babytimes are the BEST! Maybe keep it simple for 1st one – some fingerplays, lap bounces, lifting songs. You’ll be great!
@Jbrary: @theemegnificent Here’s what works well for our smaller groups but TBH babytimes are so dependent on your group. …
@Jbrary: @theemegnificent We’ve seen them done is so many different ways, and all are successful! Just stay open-minded and you’re golden.

We started a bit of a Mel’s Desk fan club: (which is awesome and I’ve definitely used numerous times!)

@lmulvenna: @theemegnificent I totally stole one of @MelissaZD ‘s. Then as I got more comfortable, I added in my own stuff.
@erinisinire: @theemegnificent Have FUN! Repetition is good! @MelissaZD was a HUGE resource for me when I first started! Sing Sing Sing!

And then Mel herself joined in:

@MelissaZD: @theemegnificent @lmulvenna Yay babies! Don’t be afraid to repeat your rhymes & songs 2 or 3 times. Don’t be afraid to stop at 15-20″. :)

And Brooke Rasche, newest member of the Storytime Underground team, awesome person and beer-drinking partner who I wish I got to see more than just when I go home a couple times a year:

@berasche: @theemegnificent Make everyone introduce themselves and give a “fun fact” about their baby. It helps you remember their name & breaks ice

Also I was told by @librarylady2u and @lmulvenna to include bubbles, which I attempted but the bubble solution was a total failure…
and @katietweetsya had the BRILLIANT idea to let parents/caregivers know where the nearest bathroom w/ changing tables is!

ALSO, because she is SO GREAT, @lizpatsanders e-mailed me two storytime plans she has used for baby storytime!

To view all of the responses without my awesome commentary go here!



Since I am a new librarian I’ve never not been able to just hop on twitter, ALATT on facebook, or look on the endless amounts of awesome children’s librarians blogs.  I feel so lucky to have developed such a great Personal Learning Network and look forward to hopefully meeting all of these fantastic and intelligent librarians in the future :)

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  1. I just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate all the tips and outlines you provide! I work at a library and just started doing storytime. I am not a librarian, but will be starting the MLIS degree program this fall. Thanks so much for everything you post. It really has helped me!

    1. Awe thanks :) Feel free to email me with any questions– I am a recent MLS graduate and new librarian so I know where you’re coming from! meagan.schibel @

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