A Day in the Life of a Children’s Librarian

Oh your job must be so relaxing and peaceful… you just get to read all day!


Blogging about our days as children’s librarians is not new, Abby the Librarian has done it, as has The Show Me Librarian, Never Shushed, and Storytime Secrets.  But, we all bring a fresh and different perspetive and I have been wanting to blog about one of my days for quite some time to show the real variety in what I do each day.  Recently my days have been quite the mixed bag.  There are some days where I start my morning with two very full storytimes and end it with giving a presentation to a local community group about our library expansion project, with some collaborative work and patron engagement in between.  There are very rarely two days that are similar, sometimes I have a couple programs in one day, and others I spend most of the time in my office planning.  My favorite parts of my days are when I get to interact with the tiny humans enjoying the library.  Even if it just means waving goodbye or popping my head up when I hear a “Mom! Miss Meg is here!”.  Actually, about two minutes ago I had a 3 year old that I know from outreach visits introduce me to his dad, by his father’s first name, which gave both of us a good laugh.

Here was my Wednesday:

8:30am- leave for work, listen to a TAL podcast on the way

8:50am- arrive at work, talk to our amazing custodian for a few minutes.  Teach him how to download podcasts onto his ipod touch.

9:15am- clean up community room (our only room in the library for programming).  Put away tables and chairs and clean up any remaining craft supplies from storytime on Tuesday.

9:30am- post on Storytime Underground about my apprehension on using a parachute in Music & Movement.

Finish planning for Music & Movement, sync the ipod to our new playlist with correct order of songs, print off ‘lesson plan’ for coworker and I

9:55am- set up for Music & Movement… Put duct tape ‘x’s on the floor, hook up laptop to projector, get projector turned on, make sure ipod is plugged into speakers, bring out the parachute (!!!)

10am- LIBRARY IS OPEN.  Luckily I have a staff member who comes in and gets the children’s room all open and ready for the public, so I can continue to to work in my office/wherever I happen to be.

10:15am– check Storytime Underground post and feel a little bit more confident in my parachute-ing abilities

10:20am- last minute check to make sure everything is ready to go for Music & Movement

10:30am- open the doors for music & movement, remind everyone to sign in and sit down on an X

10:30-11:15am- Dance, boogie, jump, stretch, breathe, sing, PARACHUTE


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11:30am- help check out on the desk

11:35am- OH HEY I HAVEN’T CHECKED MY E-MAIL YET. Check e-mail. Respond accordingly

11:45am-1:30pm- Work in my office on the spring calendar while also hopping to the desk to help check out

1:30pm- realize that I forgot to put my lunch of leftovers in the fridge and instead it has been in my bag the entire time

2pm- go out for lunch, get an okay salad to go from grocery store

2:45pm- set up for after school club.  The craft this week is bracelets and necklaces so not too much to set up.  Although I do have to drag all of those tables and chairs out that I put away this morning so I guess this is my third workout of the day

3:30pm- finish working on spring calendar

4pm- After School Club! Spend the next hour making bracelets and necklaces while jamming out to some kidz bop

5:00pm- IMPROMPTU DANCE PARTY.  Literally.  Some of the younger siblings of after school club kids came in and I put on Shake it Off and we had a dance party for a few minutes. The mother of one of the dancing children sent me this video to the library facebook page and I tried my skillz at turning it into a gif:


5:10pm– Quickly gather information I will need for evening meeting

5:15pm– Leave library and head to neighboring town for a forum about the CT Office of Early Childhood 4 year strategic plan.  I attended as the Children’s Librarian of my town as well as a member of my town’s early childhood collaborative. Bonus: This meeting includes delicious food! AND COOKIES!

**While at this meeting I was happy to see that “Partnerships” are included in one of their goals.  Unfortunately, libraries were not mentioned. I work closely with and am a member of the local early childhood collaborative and they know how beneficial our partnership is so my group was not hesitant to bring libraries to the table and let the OEC know that this was a vital thing missing from their plan.  A tweet of mine also brought it to the attention of ALSC and they will be sending me some information to share with the OEC.  I also sent some e-mails today to try and open up communication between the state OEC and libraries that are working hard with young children and their families in the state.

7pm– Head home!

Even at home I wear my children’s library hat while I read a middle grade book, interacted with Hafuboti on facebook about library programs, and checked twitter which is 99% librarians on my feed.

Please write posts about your day! IF you don’t have a blog, guest post here and tell us about your day!

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  1. Your days are very similar to mine… never the same thing twice (which I love!) Keep doing what you do for your community, it sounds like you have a lot of fun and your patrons must benefit in so many ways from having you in their own community!

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