Vegetable Storytime

Vegetable Storytime

Vegetable Storytime | MIss Meg's Storytime

Last weeks theme for story time was vegetable’s!  This was an especially fun one for me to plan because my partner and I are part of a farm share this summer/fall and I have been trying so many new vegetables that we may not have ever tried just going to the grocery store (I can now confidently say I am not a big fan of beets but will eat swiss chard any day)… What better way to share my new knowledge than with the little ones at preschool storytime?!

I started storytime by asking the kids their favorite veggies… The most popular answers were carrots and corn!

Vegetable Picture Books

Creepy Carrots
Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds, illus. by Peter Brown
Eating the Alphabet
Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
Rah Rah Radishes
Rah, Rah, Radishes by Apil Pulley Sayre
This is a great one for learning about new vegetables
Vegetables in Underwear
Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman

Vegetable Songs & Rhymes

tune:Mary Had a Little Lamb

We are pumpkins, big and round
Big and round, big and round
We are pumpkins, big and round
Seated on the ground.

We are string beans, green and fine…..
Growing on a vine.
We are onions, round and white….
We make soup taste right.
We are carrots, orange and long…
Help us sing our song.
We are cabbage, green or red….
See our funny head.
We are corn stalks, tall and straight….
Don’t we just taste great.

Every week we have to do Icky Sticky Bubble Gum & The Goldfish Song. I actually attempted to only do one of them this last week and had a parent remind me that we hadn’t done Icky Sticky Bubble Gum yet.

We did also have an extension activity that I will post about later this week as part of Flannel Friday.

Vegetable Craft

It was a no-brainer for my to do vegetable stamping this week!  It wasn’t as great and fancy of a finished product as last weeks painting but the process was really great and it prompted a lot of discussions about colors and vegetables with the caregivers and children. I had mushrooms, celery, and potatoes available.  I cut shapes into some of the potatoes.

Vegetable Stamping | Miss Meg's Storytime

Vegetable Stamping | Miss Meg's Storytime

Also, I mentioned that I was doing a vegetable storytime to a coworker and she made this table runner (featured on the top image in this post)!  How awesome is that!? <3 <3

Vegetable Storytime

Other Vegetable Storytime Ideas

I previously blogged about a fruits and veggies storytime
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Thrive Thursday Placeholder- Oct 2015

Thrive Thursday Placeholder- Oct 2015


Here is the placeholder for the October 2015 roundup of school-age programs!  Please comment on this post with a link by September 30th to be included in the October 1st roundup!  If anyone needs a place to guest post their awesome school-age program also comment and I can get you set up to post it here on Miss Meg’s Storytime.

I am looking forward to seeing the awesome submissions!!

Fall Storytime

Fall Storytime


One of my goals this year was to do more outreach and finally after SRP I was able to dedicate more time to actually doing this.  Before the summer I had advertised daycare storytime’s on the library facebook page and attended an at home daycare workshop to present but got little response.  I then decided to post about it on the local parent facebook page and got some interest! This month was the first month I went to multiple daycare’s (and still have a couple left) and FALL was our theme.  I also did this for pre-school storytime.

Fall Picture Books

It's Fall
It’s Fall by Linda Glaser
Red Leaf Yellow LeafRed Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert
Fall Mixed Up
Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka, illus. by Chad Cameron
Fall Leaves Fall
Fall Leaves Fall by Zoe Hall, illus. by Shari Halpern

These were all really great books but my two favorites would have to be Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf  and Fall Mixed Up!  

Fall Songs & Rhymes


These flannels made an appearance in my Fall storytime last year but they were so well received (and easy to take to outreach visits) that I brought them out again!  We talked about the colors of the apples, how many there were, and the letters in the word APPLE.  This set was great for both the little and older ones because there were so many different things we could talk about.  I also did this rhyme from Storytime Katie:

Five little apples in the bowl
One fell out and started to roll
It bumped the table and hit my feet
How many apples left to eat?
(count down)

This was actually the only activity I did other than the books for my outreach groups.  A lot of it was getting to know the kids and their ages.  For the in- house storytime we sang The Goldfish by Laurie Berkner and Icky Sticky Bubble Gum by David Landau.

Fall Craft

I found this craft on La Classe Della Maestra Vaelntina via pinterest.  I am not fluent in spanish so I couldn’t read much of the post but I got the main idea from the pictures. The q-tips were great for working on our fine motor skills & the parents loved the finished products!

Fall Craft | Miss Meg's Storytime

Fall Craft | Miss Meg's Storytime

Other Fall Storytime Ideas:

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