Fizz Boom Read: Rainbows- Pre School

Fizz Boom Read: Rainbows- Pre School


This storytime was a huge hit, but I would recommend you brush yourself up on your rainbow facts beforehand!  There were some questions that I wasn’t able to answer.

I started with the awesome Rainbow Stew activity from Storytime ABC’s. By the time I had finished the activity all of the kids had figured out that our theme this week was RAINBOWS!


Rainbow Picture Books

The Rainbow (Bamboo & Friends)
The Rainbow (Bamboo & Friends) by Felicia Law, illus. by Claire Philpott & Karen Radford.
This books was GREAT for being a story but also informational about rainbows!
Lemons are not Red
Lemons are Not Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Baby Bear Sees Blue
Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff
Definitely a favorite with any age group birth through pre-school!
Elmer and the Rainbow
Elmer and the Rainbow by David McKee

Rainbow Songs & Activities

We have these awesome rainbow ribbons so I passed them out and we danced to some scarf songs that I just changed to be ribbon. I used the songs from Library Village: Let’s Make a Rainbow. Check out their whole post it is filled with great ideas!

Rainbow Storytime

Let’s Make a Rainbow!

Let’s wave our ribbons high!
Let’s wave our ribbons low!
Let’s wave our ribbons fast!
Let’s wave our ribbons slow!
Now let’s crumple up our ribbons.
One, Two, Three!  (Throw ribbons into the air and watch the rainbow of colors fall to the ground.)

Let’s All Twirl (Sung to the tune of “The Mulberry Bush”)

Let’s all twirl with our ribbons today,
Scarves today, ribbons today,
Let’s all twirl our ribbons today,
All around the room.
jump… clap… stomp…wave

Awesome Rainbow by Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Ever since someone posted a video of these guys on the Storytime Underground page I have been obsessed!

David Landau: Icky Sticky Bubble Gum
on Kids and Kitties album, image link brings you to itunes purchase

David Landau

Los Colores
a play and learn play group I used to go to when I was a nanny…
[tune: frere jacques]

Red is Rojo
Green is Verde
Blue, Azul
Negro, Black
Yellow Amarillo
Purple is Morado
Grey is Gris
Brown, Cafe

We will be singing this every week for the rest of the summer.  Before we sang it the first time we went over the colors and pronunciations a few times.


I ended with a last minute rainbow paper chain but the kids LOVED it!

Rainbow Storytime Rainbow Paper Chain

Other Rainbow Ideas

Sturdy for Common Things: Rain & Rainbow Storytime
1 Plus 1
Plus 1 Equals 1: Hands on Rainbows
Storytime with Miss Mollie: Storytime Colors of Rainbow

Fizz Boom Read: Weather – Pre School

Fizz Boom Read: Weather – Pre School

I have storytimes on Tuesday and have the whole summer of themes planned out.  This past Tuesday was going to be Light & Electricity and I already had a good start on what I wanted to do… Then I got more into the planning and saw all this cool shadow puppet & glow in the dark stuff I could do so I put that storytime on the back burner and at the last minute decided to do a Weather Storytime!  I already planned a similar storytime for my CHILIS presentation in the spring so I had a good starting point on such a late change.

Weather Picture Books

Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather By Deb Gliori
cloudetteCloudette by Tom Lichtenheld
0-439-58753-0Split! Splat! by Amy Gibson, illus. by Steve Bjorkman

Weather Songs & Rhymes

It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More
source: Jbrary

It ain’t gonna rain no more, no more
It ain’t gonna rain no more
Oh no, it’s up to my toe
But it ain’t gonna rain more.


Oh gee, it’s up to my knee
Oh my, it’s up to my thigh
Oh fiddle, it’s up to my middle
Oh heck, it’s up to my neck
Oh dread, it’s up to my head, I’m just going to swim on home.

5 Little Weathermen

5 little weatherman sitting on a gate
the first one said “my it’s getting late”
The second one said “there are storm clouds in the sky”
The third one said “Let’s run inside”
The fourth one said “Wait the sun is peeking out!”
The fifth one said “what’s what weather is all about”


There was a day, when it was hot and sunny was the weather
And Sunny was the weather.

Other Verses

There was a day when it was wet and rainy was the weather. RAINY
There was a day when it was cold and snowy was the weather. SNOWY
There was a day when I got blown and windy was the weather. WINDY

Thunderstorm by Laurie Berkner
Track 17 on Rocketship Run album
rocketship run


Weather Craft | Miss Meg's Storytime

CLSP manual, pg 45
Terrible picture– so sorry!  I just blew up and made copies of the raindrops and had ribbon. They wrote their last names on the cloud and each member of their family on each raindrop.  The parents really seemed to like this craft!

Fizz Boom Read!

Fizz Boom Read!

This week marks our kick off of the summer reading program!  Like many libraries across the country we are doing the CSLP theme: FIZZ BOOM READ!

Fizz Boom Read CSLP @ Miss Meg's Storytime

Throughout the summer many of my posts will focus primarily on the many STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) centered programs I will be doing this summer with ages birth through 5th grade at my library.  To figure out how I have now found myself comfortable with the S, E, and M parts of that check out this blog post I wrote a few months ago.

For the first time I am working in an area where it seems they keep the kids in school forever!  The last day of school, and first day of SRP registration is this Friday.  Earlier this week I visited the grammar school to get the kids excited about summer reading.  I started my short presentation with a simple science experiment: vinegar with blue food coloring, and baking soda.  The kids loved it and it was so so simple!  An easy and quick activity for you to do to fill time in a count the monkeysscience program.  I then briefly talked about the logistics of the summer reading program.  I kept this part short: I had already enticed them with the science experiment I didn’t want to lost their interest by talking about rules and guidelines. They’d be getting all this information sent home in their backpacks anyways.  Mainly I just wanted them to go home and say, “Mom! We have to go to the library! Miss Meg came to my school today and did a cool experiment!”.  I ended my presentation by reading Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett and Kevin Cornell… Didn’t have as much to do with science (except animals!) but it is a fun book that encourages audience participation and was a huge hit.  I would definitely recommend this book for any group of elementary aged kids!

Here was my crazy outfit for the presentation!  After I was introduced one little boy yells, “I KNEW that was Miss Meg!”


This was my first SRP school presentation by myself but all in all I think it was successful!  What do you do for school presentations?  How do you make the kids want to come to your library?

Ocean Storytime- Pre School

Ocean Storytime- Pre School

Last week in storytime we explored the deep ocean blue! One little boy happened to wear a shark t-shirt to storytime and he was very proud of the fact that his shirt went with the theme!

Ocean Picture Books

Breathe by Scott Magoon… such a beautiful book with great illustrations
Pete at the Beach
Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach by James Dean…
Like many of the Pete the Cat early readers this fell short but the kids love Pete the Cat so they still enjoyed it
pout pout fish
The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen, illus. by Dan Hanna … easily the biggest hit with the group– they loved it!

Ocean Songs & Rhymes

Waves in the Sea
Source: Surlalune Storytime
(Tune: “Wheels on the Bus”)

The waves on the sea go up and down,
[Raise and lower arms.]
Up and down, up and down,
The waves on the sea go up and down
All day long.

The shark in the sea goes snap snap snap..
[Clap your hands.]

The fish in the sea go swish swish swish..
[Swish back and forth.]

The boats in the sea go toot toot toot…
[Make blowing horn motion.]

Three Little Fish

(Tune: “Three Blind Mice”)

Three little fish, three little fish
(hold up three fingers)
See how they swim, see how they swim
(make swimming motion with arms)
Round and Round and fast they go
(“swim” fast – sing fast)
Now they are going very slow
(“swim” slow-also sign slow)
Three little fish, three little fish
(hold up 3 fingers again)

Disney’s Under the Sea with egg shakers or scarves

Extension Activity

I did this story/song from Everything Pre-School and had some ocean clip art to go along with it… click the link at the bottom for the clip art.

Clown Fish Lives in the Ocean
(Tune: Bear Goes Over the Mountain)

The clown fish lives in the ocean
The clown fish lives in the ocean.
The clown fish lives lives in the ocean….
His neighbor is the seahorse.
The seahorse lives in the ocean
The seahorse lives in the ocean.
The seahorse lives lives in the ocean….
His neighbor is the shark.
The shark lives in the ocean
The shark lives in the ocean.
The shark fish lives lives in the ocean….
His neighbor is the jellyfish.

Continue with: jellyfish, octopus, starfish, sea urchin, dolphin, whale, etc.

Ocean Clip Art PDF