What are you winning? That I haven’t quite figured out yet. Maybe one of my favorite picture books.  If you have a favorite flannelboard that I’ve done I could make you another and send it.  Whichever you prefer!

How will you win?? WELL, Miss Meg’s Storytime is nearing it’s 15th month.  This means it’s walking, probably getting into stuff it shouldn’t, and maybe getting a bit shy around strangers.  Except for Miss Meg’s Storytime isn’t just your every day baby website and I ACTUALLY LOVE STRANGERS!

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Baby Storytime: Or, how I used twitter and my awesome internet librarian friends to get me out of a massive panic

Baby Storytime: Or, how I used twitter and my awesome internet librarian friends to get me out of a massive panic

I recently started a brand spankin’ new job as the head of a children’s department with a staff of me (full time) and three other part time people. In this position I will be doing all of the storytimes, and as it stands right now that includes one storytime a week for ages 0-35 months and one storytime a week for pre-school. I started my new job on a Monday and then had my FIRST EVER baby storytime on Tuesday. I wasn’t totally in the dark as I used to nanny and we’d go to baby storytime every week so I’ve seen them a few times and I’ve planned a few for my previous job (but no one came). BUT it was still nerve wrecking actually going about it and knowing there will be babies there.

So I went to all of my internet librarian friends on twitter and they were amazing:


The girls at @jbrary are amazing and perfect and sent me a short novel of pointers:

‏@Jbrary: @theemegnificent Babytimes are the BEST! Maybe keep it simple for 1st one – some fingerplays, lap bounces, lifting songs. You’ll be great!
@Jbrary: @theemegnificent Here’s what works well for our smaller groups but TBH babytimes are so dependent on your group. …
@Jbrary: @theemegnificent We’ve seen them done is so many different ways, and all are successful! Just stay open-minded and you’re golden.

We started a bit of a Mel’s Desk fan club: (which is awesome and I’ve definitely used numerous times!)

@lmulvenna: @theemegnificent I totally stole one of @MelissaZD ‘s. Then as I got more comfortable, I added in my own stuff.
@erinisinire: @theemegnificent Have FUN! Repetition is good! @MelissaZD was a HUGE resource for me when I first started! Sing Sing Sing!

And then Mel herself joined in:

@MelissaZD: @theemegnificent @lmulvenna Yay babies! Don’t be afraid to repeat your rhymes & songs 2 or 3 times. Don’t be afraid to stop at 15-20″. :)

And Brooke Rasche, newest member of the Storytime Underground team, awesome person and beer-drinking partner who I wish I got to see more than just when I go home a couple times a year:

@berasche: @theemegnificent Make everyone introduce themselves and give a “fun fact” about their baby. It helps you remember their name & breaks ice

Also I was told by @librarylady2u and @lmulvenna to include bubbles, which I attempted but the bubble solution was a total failure…
and @katietweetsya had the BRILLIANT idea to let parents/caregivers know where the nearest bathroom w/ changing tables is!

ALSO, because she is SO GREAT, @lizpatsanders e-mailed me two storytime plans she has used for baby storytime!

To view all of the responses without my awesome commentary go here!



Since I am a new librarian I’ve never not been able to just hop on twitter, ALATT on facebook, or look on the endless amounts of awesome children’s librarians blogs.  I feel so lucky to have developed such a great Personal Learning Network and look forward to hopefully meeting all of these fantastic and intelligent librarians in the future :)

Monster Storytime

Monster Storytime

WHOA an entire month since I posted last– that is the longest and I am very sorry but there have been some big changes in the life of Miss Meg (and another big move)

After 7 months of doing mostly just toddler storytime’s I am in a NEW position where I will be doing everyone from babies to pre-schoolers!

Here is my Monstery Storytime for PreSchoolers… For more monster ideas check out my toddler monster post from 2013 here!

Monster Books

Glad Monster Sad Monster
Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley & Anne Miranda
Monster Hug
Monster Hug by David Ezra Stein
Love Monster
Love Monster by Rachel Bright
Go Away Big Green Monster
Go Away, Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley

Of course I had to have some Ed Emberley in there– he’s a staple for a monster storytime!

Monster Songs & Rhymes
most of these I got from my past monster storytime post

“Monsters Galore”
Monsters galore, can you roar? (Roar.)
Monsters galore, can you soar? (Flying motions.)
Monsters galore, please shut the door. (Clap.)
Monsters galore, fall on the floor! (Sit/fall down.)

“If I were a Monster”
If I were a happy monster, I’d go ha! ha! ha! [Laugh.]
If I were a sad monster, I’d go boo, hoo, hoo.[Rub eyes.]
If I were a mad monster, I’d go stomp, stomp, stomp! [Stomp feet.]
If I were a scared monster, I’d go AAHH! AAHH! AAHH! [Scream.]
But I’m just me, you see, so I’ll just read, read, read!
[Put hands together like book.]

“Monster Hunt”
source: Perry Public Library

We’re going on a monster hunt.
We’re going to find a big one!
We’re not scared, but –
What if he’s under the bed? (Pretend to peek under bed)
Better go over it, squoosh, squoosh, squoosh. (walk palms on legs)
What if he’s in the closet? (Pretend to open door)
Better close it, SLAM!. (Clap hands loudly)
What if he’s behind the curtains? (peek through hands)
Better open them, SWISH! (fly hands apart)
What if he’s in the hallway? (shade eyes)
Better tiptoe down it, (tiptoe)
What if he’s in the garage? (shade eyes)
Better stomp thru it, (stomp feet)
Shhh! (put finger to lips)
What’s That????
Aahh! It’s a monster! (Scream loudly & wave hands)
Stomp thru the garage, (stomp feet)
Tiptoe thru the hallway, (tiptoe)
Close the curtains, (fly hands together)
Open the closet, (Pretend to open door)
Turn on the lights (snap fingers)
And jump into bed, (jump)
Phew! (brush brow)
We’re not going on a monster hunt again! (shake head ‘no’)

“If You’re a Monster…”
source: Perry Public Library
(Sing to “If you’re happy..”)
If you’re a monster and you know it, wave your arms
If you’re a monster and you know it, wave your arms
If you’re a monster and you know it,
then your arms will surely show it.
If you’re a monster and you know it, wave your arms

Other verses:
show your claws, gnash your teeth, stomp your feet


Since I literally started my new job a day before I had to plan for 2 storytime’s I wasn’t able to plan a craft or make a felt story!