Flannel Friday: Dig into Reading with Hedghogs!

Flannel Friday: Dig into Reading with Hedghogs!

For my burrowing animals storytime this week I did not have a craft.  Since there was no craft I still wanted to send the kids home with something fun to show off what we learned in storytime.  So, I made little hedgehogs that we all sang a song with!

I just found a clip-art of a hedgehog online (I think I used www.openclipart.org but don’t quote me) and then glued them onto a foam strip that the library had accidentally bought previously and was trying to get rid of.


We then sang a song with our hedgehogs:

Hedgehog, Hedgehog, turn around.
Hedgehog, Hedgehog, touch the ground.
Hedgehog, Hedgehog, stretch up high.
Hedgehog, Hedgehog, search the sky.
Hedgehog, Hedgehog, search down low.
Hedgehog, Hedgehog, touch your toes.
Hedgehog, Hedgehog, sit on the ground.
Hedgehog, Hedgehog, curl up small and round.

This take-home activity was such a hit!  The kids loved having their very own hedgehogs to take home and I heard from parents later in the week that it became a treasure item at home.  This could easily be adapted for any type of animal!

Dig Into Reading: Burrowing Animals! (toddler)

Dig Into Reading: Burrowing Animals! (toddler)

I loosely based my storytime this week on burrowing animals, but figured the toddlers would not care if I snuck in a non-burrowing animal in there.  I introduced storytime this week as “animals that live underground or near the ground” which really leaves my options open.

Our signs this week were “Under” and “Worm” and we incorporated these with the songs and books. Our opening song was Hi, Hello.

Burrowing Animals Picture Books:

Mouse Count Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh What a Treasure! What a Treasure! by Jane Hillenbrand
underGROUND underGROUND by Denise Fleming

Songs & Rhymes

Herman the Worm
I love love love this song and incorporate it any way I can!
I start out by having the kids practice chewing their bubblegum, playing the yo-yo and asking, “what happened?”

I was sittin’ on my fencepost, chewing my bubblegum
(chew, chew, chew, chew)
Playin’ with my yo-yo, wee-oo! wee-oo!
When along came Herman the worm
And he was this big
And I said: “Herman? What happened?”
And he said: I ate a _______
(I had him eat some books, the castle in the library, the library, and the entire town)

at the end Herman is soooo tiny and when you ask him what happened he says, “I burped, ‘scuse me!”

**stealth edit: check out Jbrary singing Herman the Worm!



I also did an ant at a picnic flannel, which I may include in a flannel friday post sometime, but that actually might not happen….

Extension Activities

I am actually do this one more in depth in a flannel friday activity later this week but here’s a hint to look forward to:


Instead of a craft this week we did some parachute activities and the kids really responded well to it.


Miss Meg

Flannel Friday (July 19)

Flannel Friday (July 19)

Hello! I hope everyone’s summers are going swimmingly!  We only have one week left of SRP storytime’s over here (thinking about that actually makes me a bit sad).

To go with all of the submissions this week (and because I wanted to try this out!) I made a fun word cloud in the shape of a dinosaur that highlights our flannel friday posts!  I made it using this website: http://www.tagxedo.comwordle


The flannel friday posts this week were great, and without further ado:

My submission this week was adapted from previous flannel friday submissions!  Dinosaur, Dinosaur helps toddlers learn their shapes.

Anne over at So Tomorrow is sharing her puppet show based on the new book Lazy Daisy, Cranky Frankie.

Miss Tara at Storytime with Miss Tara and Friends shared her storytime outline about Elephants that included an adorable flannel board interpretation of the book I Dream of an Elephant.

Piper was a bit quiet this week but Jane at Piper Loves the Library shared TWO fun activities this week!  The first is a fun craft using a magical photocopier (I am pretty sure that’s the only explanation) and a guessing game flannel activity!  The second is a minion debut from the Despicable Me minions!

Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime has been influenced by recent flannel friday submissions to make her own tools and toolbox into a fun game for older and younger kids alike!

Monica at Ram Sam Storytime came out of her bajillion year hiatus to share her buggy storytime (which is very appropriate for this summer in the midwest!).  Her flannel submission is based on the book Ten Flashing Fireflies.

Katie at Billingual Children’s Programming is giving away (!!!) her food themed flannel set for the bilingual story Picky Paul.

Lisa at Thrive after Three took some time out of summer madness to share her flannel board set, which is another food themed one! The beautiful fruits and vegetables go with the book Lunch and teaches colors (and also includes a video how-to!)

We are in a baseball type of mood over at Mrs. Andre’s Library for her baseball flannels to go along with the song Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Another bug themed flannel board!  Lisa at Libraryland shared her Bug in a Rug rhyme and flannelboard that also helped the kiddos get their wiggle’s out.

Katie at Storytime Secrets made a fun and educational literacy game for her beginning reader group.  This Silly Sentence Sort game helps the kids build sentences using shirts, shorts, and socks!

Anna at Future Librarian Superhero made a very beautiful flannelboard for the song Ten Little Babies.  The babies were influenced by the art of Karen Katz (and turned out adorable!)

and last but certainly not least is a submission from Elizabeth at Artistic Literacy!  She made counting windows to be used over and over again for any counting flannel activity.  She also includes a template to make your own.

Whew!  Thank you all for your submissions!  I had a ton of fun hosting this week and seeing everyone’s beautiful and creative submissions!  The flannel friday community is definitely helping me grow in my new career path :)


Flannel Friday: Dinosaur, Dinosaur (Shapes!)

Flannel Friday: Dinosaur, Dinosaur (Shapes!)

For my Flannel Friday submission this week I adapted Dinosaur, Dinosaur from Thrive after Three.

Her post focused more on figuring out if the dinosaur was behind a colored door and I focused on shapes instead!


I started the activity with the dinosaur’s hidden behind the shapes and then we did the rhyme:

Dinosaur, Dinosaur are you behind the  _(circle)_ door?

I actually had a dinosaur behind every door because I also used this as an opportunity to learn the different Dinosaurs, but the kids still got excited each time we found a new dinosaur!  I always had a shy dinosaur that we had to be quiet for and ask him to come out, “please!”.


I got the dinosaur clipart from the CLSP manual and then just colored them.


On the back of each dinosaur was a hint for Miss Meg so I did not get the dinosaur species wrong ;)


This was a very successful flannel activity and it let us work on some new skills that we do not get to practice in storytime that often– shapes!

Flannel Friday this week is hosted by yours truly and the round-up will be posted tomorrow! :)

Bringing Storytime Home: Introduction

Bringing Storytime Home: Introduction

So now that Miss Meg has her MLS I have been able to do some independent research that I didn’t have time for during the two years of library school.  Not that I have much free time now working full time and commuting up to 2 hrs a day… BUT, I’m trying!

Anyways, the book I have been carrying with me everywhere lately has been Early Literacy Storytimes @ Your Library: Partnering with Caregivers for Success by Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting and Pamela Martin-Diaz. I have gotten quite a few points from this and have enjoyed learning more and more about how I can better my storytimes– I am a new librarian so I have a lot I can learn yet!  If anyone has any other recommendations for books to check out please share!

Thus brings about a new series I will be doing (probably sporadically) called Bringing Storytime Home!

Bringing Storytime Home will include information of incorporating early literacy into storytime’s and involving caregivers and parents in storytime.  My goal with this is to have kids practicing their skills they learn at storytime while they are at home as well.

It would be totally cool if this became a “thing” so if you want to do a Bringing Storytime Home post on your blog/website let me know! (is that lame to say? probably.)


Along with researching I have been trying out two new components to my toddler storytime’s.  The first is incorporating sign language with the theme. I introduce two or three sign language words that go with the theme for that week and then we continue to use the signs for the entire session, whether it be with songs, books, or other activities. A long term goal of mine is to take some actual ASL courses and become more fluent.

I also have made take home sheets for parents and caregivers to continue what we learned at storytime when they are at home. Included on these half sheets of paper are the books we read, songs and rhymes we sang and an early literacy tips for the parents. These have been very well received so far and I have gotten quite a few thank you’s from parents who enjoy singing the songs we learned at storytime. For the first week I wanted to make the parents feel comfortable with their toddler (who may have a short attention span) being at storytime so my literacy tip was, “Even if your toddler has trouble sitting and paying attention for the stories and songs, don’t get discouraged. Story times help them learn that books and the library can be fun and exciting.”  I have my first 4 weeks available as examples if you’d like to start bringing storytime home!

Click each link for the corresponding take home sheet:
Week 1: Gardens
Week 2: Construction
Week 3: Dirt
Week 4: Dinosaurs


Dig Into Reading: Dinosaur Storytime for Toddlers

Dig Into Reading: Dinosaur Storytime for Toddlers

RAWR!  I LOVED storytime this week. Seriously, probably my favorite day of storytime so far.  I had so many concepts to practice with the kids, and not to mention rawr-ing like we’ve never rawr-ed before!


This weeks literacy tip was: “When talking to your new speaker, use the correct pronunciation of the word, not the way the imitate the word”

The kids came into the story room greeted by some dinosaur footprints:

dino prints dino prints

I encouraged the kids to talk about the colors with their parents/caregivers after storytime, and a few were doing it as they were walking in as well!  I also had the same colors hanging up by me and we went over them together.

Our signs this week were Big, Little, and Dinosaur.

Rawr-iffic Dino Picture Books:

dino vs library
Dinosaur Vs. the Library!
By Bob Shea (we had so much fun rawring, and the kids loved trying to rawr louder than my peeps, moos, and shy turtle noises)
5 little dino
Five Little Dinosaurs
By Will Grace, Illus. by Ed Vere Hodgkinson
Flapdoodle Dionsaurs by David A. Carter
(I just read the name of the dinosaur and what color, I did not read the entire poem for each dino)

Simply Terrifying (but not really) Dinosaur songs and rhymes!

Dino Ditty
(sung to “Doo Wah Ditty”)

Here he comes just a stomping with his feet singing
“Dino ditty, ditty dum, ditty do.” Kids sang this part with me
Searching all round for something good to eat singing,
“Dino ditty, ditty dum ditty do.”
He’s huge, (He’s huge), He’s strong, (He’s strong.)
He’s huge, he’s strong, won’t be hungry very long.
“Dino ditty, ditty dum , ditty do.”
“Dino ditty, ditty dum, ditty do.”

Seriously this song was so much fun and it is guaranteed to crack up the adults in the room!

BIG Dino LITTLE Dino (with our signs)
I adapted this popular dinosaur rhyme to fit with our signs and it worked out very well!

BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, turn around
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, touch the ground
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, reach up high
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, wink one eye
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, touch your nose
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, touch your toes
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, slap your knees
BIG Dino, LITTLE Dino, sit down please

We also sang We Are the Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner and the kids really enjoyed that song.

GRRReat Extension Activity

I adapted this from Thrive After Three
and will be talking about it more in a Flannel Friday post later this week!

Dinosaur Craft

(sorry this is getting to be such a long post, but it’s so much fun!)

D is for Dinosaur

I had D’s cut out and they glued them on and then they drew a dinosaur!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving dinosaurs as much as I do (I mean with SO MANY great things to do with them, how could you not!?)

Miss Meg